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  1. Whining as Usual

    I also posted this on tumblr, but it should go here too.

    As far as dog nonsense goes, itís still here off and on. Right now itís on, and Iím kind of annoyed with myself. Feeling ďdog-ishĒ makes me feel like Iím not grounded in reality. It makes me feel like I have my head up my ass even more than I usually do. I start thinking about stupid shit like how Iím not physically a dog and wanting to turn into a dog. Itís not good.

    I have all of no ideas about what to do about ...

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  2. Spring is here

    It's not like I don't feel lonely and trapped all the time. I do. It's practically the definition of my existence. But I think it's at the most extreme in the spring. I look outside and stare off in a particular direction, that direction is north, slightly west. I saw a woodpecker while doing just that this morning, and I envied it. I didn't want to peck wood, but it reminded me that I don't have feathers. I want feathers. Give me enough of them in the right places, and make me much smaller, and ...
  3. I'm new

    im new here and would like to say hello. I'm not sure what i should say actually ... i hope everyone is haveing a nice day/night so far.
  4. Some thoughts about social interaction

    I've had a lot of dysphoria recently, not about my body but more about being "human" socially. If I have to act in a certain way for too long and I'm not able to relax and do bird things, I get really stressed out. I have to be somebody else when I'm around people and pretending too long eventually gets tiring. I know many non-therians can relate to the feeling of being confused about social cues and how to act in a certain situation, but it's not just that.

    Human faces for ...
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  5. Hell

    When I was a kid, people liked to compare me to the Tin Man. You know who the Tin Man is? Of course you do because everyone has been forced to watch Wizard of Oz, but in case you haven't, he's a likeness of a human being made out of scrap metal. And he has no heart. I've figured out recently why they compared me to that character.

    I'm not a real person. I'm a fake approximation of one. And I certainly don't have any heart worth speaking of. All of my feelings are fake. They're fake. ...

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