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The eyes..... [HELP REQUEST, laughing at me is okay]]

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I thought I got over this, yet they still haunt me. Those dead soulless eyes that always feel like they're watching even when you're not looking. I speak of course, about the eyes used on fursuit heads.

I recently accepted that my attachment to my thumbs means that I can't ever truly accept a feral shape for myself, and I've admitted that I'm close enough to also being a furry that I'll just call myself both furry and therian. But as much as I'd like to expand my group of online friends to the furry group, I have an issue with eyes on their masks, they're so inexpressive, it's creepy to just have a locked smile all the time. Someone once told me "im smiling underneath too, so it is accurate!" And that helped, but there's still that last shred of Victorian - era creepy doll horror that I haven't shaken yet. Can someone help me get over this fear without having to design tech to show the facial expression of whoever wears these masks in real time? Because I'm not that good at programming yet.
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  1. Spiritfox Autumnsong's Avatar
    No seriously, you can laugh. I even think this mini-fear is kind of funny
  2. Jayhawker's Avatar
    A little entertaining and very understandable; many a time have I bemoaned the furry mascot suits.
    I've seen more realistic fur suits around with very sleek heads and no creepy smiles, maybe you could look into those?
    I wouldn't know how to get over the eyes though, those things will probably always bug me.