Experiences from an prehistoric fish and ancient divine being

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This will be an small thing but I will later delve deeper into them in seperate stories. I love to share details about my very unlikely kintypes who are depending on someones view either unusual or interesting. For now this is general information about them and later posts will go deeper into them though expect the most posts will be about my Godec kintype. Simply because I know more about this kintype and less about Dunkleosteus Terrelli.

Anyway I dont have any clear idea what to write about them so I guess I keep it on my own general experiences as seperate kintypes and what I feel with them.


I will later write more about this very unusual race of divine beings but for now its important to remember they are not gods. The name means roughly translated something along the lines of: ''Immortal Watcher''. This refers to their nature. I will also write how I fitted in this society in later posts.

My own experiences with this kintype was in the beginning confusing since I couldnt connect all these weird forms but they are forms of my old life as a Godec. I always had rather pleasent experiences with this kintype and no real difficulties what I would receive as negative. Its funny though that despite I have more knowledge about this kintype I dont believe its my dominant kintype. Wether that has to do with the origins or the fact it existed long before I would come to Earth meaning we did exist before Earth but never really crossed paths with the planet in the beginning stages since we were far away from the Milky Way. I always have ph shifts from this kintype and sometimes mental shifts. The most curious thing is my forms happen to share elements with Earthly extinct animals but nevertheless they were also really different. Only build would have been the same but appearance would have been way different.

Dunkleosteus Terrelli

Well I guess it isnt an everyday experience to hear about someone having an kintype that is from the Devonian Period what was way before the Age of Dinosaur. I know I never expected it. I also never really met someone to also identify as this fish in the forums I am. Despite I love prehistoric animals at the beginning I wasnt to thrilled about the idea it was this fish. I never really found the fish that interesting in opposite to dinosaurs or prehistoric mammals. Yet I cant choose my kintypes so wether I liked it or not I was stuck with it. I cannot deny my own view on the fish has really changed. Despite being an more recent discovery this is my dominant kintype. I experience the ancient fish the most and you can now imagine I have now an different view on this fish. I am this fish now as I would have been when I was swimming around as the fish. I really never expected to have an kintype from such an ancient period in Earth past but I guess I also feel happy that I have such an unique and interesting animal as an kintype. Not much is known about the fish yet I understand mentally the old mind of this predator. When I am in the water my mind switch automaticly to the mind of the Dunkleosteus. Not to hunt but rather to enjoy being back home in the world I have once belonged. Even when I am near water I still feel something primitive and ancient calling me to the water, to return home. I am aware of the fact my body is way different from that of the Dunkleosteus and yet my body would simulate the movements of the fish in order to swim through the water though without succes since my human body doesnt allow it. I feel good to live as an human and having an human body but sometime I imagine giving into the primitive and ancient calling to the water and never return, yet I dont do that since I know the land is my home and not the water, but there is nothing wrong with imagining it right?

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