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Every so often I stop in and look at our member map. I have never posted before, only read some of the other articles and blogs. That was my thing and honestly, I didn't mind watching over from the shadows. However, as with all things affected by time and circumstances, I can't help but notice the drop in activity and the removal of member spots on the map. I can allow some of this to be chalked up to....normal reasons. Lives change, jobs, no interest; I get that.

However, for quite a few years now I have felt something. For a little bit of clarity on that, let me explain myself first off. I am an Alpha. I follow an extremely old way, older than religion, older than magic. I believe there are gods/goddesses, Gods/Goddesses, Entities of form/no form, Light/Dark, etc. In my journeys, (astral, spiritual, ritual and normal everyday existing) I have walked with, fought with/against, spent time with every such.....everything aforementioned.

My question for you though, the community, is this. If you feel magic or the working ways of the Universe or whatever you wish to call it, do you feel the Shadow as well? Can you feel something just off in the distance or just behind the curtain? Something causing therians, otherkin,magic users, celestials to go into hiding? This is my concern.
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  1. Wolf Daughter's Avatar
    I'm not aware of anyone going into hiding. Life just gets busy with the daily grind. I'm not active as much as I would like to be. There was actually a Howl this past weekend, hosted by Traveller in the NW United States. Seven Therianthropes attended. That's really good to see. It looks like Howls might be making a come back.