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Thread: Is your Sleeping Pattern/Condition..?

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    I wake with something under me usually shiny,which might have something to do with my dragon side.
    I am a dragon yet I am not possessive of shiny things (too much), just to give my view.

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    That is why to operative word might is in there.
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    I can not sleep at night unless I am really tired.When I do lay down I'm usually trying to get comfy for age's, and normal resort to laying on my belly with head on my arms like a wolf.
    I cant sleep on my back as it feels uncomfortable having my tail squished.
    I wake up curled in to a tiny ball in the middle of my bed with Angel's head resting on my neck which dose feel rather comforting.
    Also I like to snuggle in to my teddy's I have two on my bed a massive great white tiger and my old wolf bear then there is the dog.
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    Oh god, my theriotype has great affect.

    I am so tired during the day. I sleep usually around three pm till the night, and when I wake up, I will stay awake quite actively until 6am in the morning, and then I will sleep again.

    I have the trait which some people envy, which is that I can fall asleep ANYWHERE. On the floor, in any type of chair, on other peoples floors, outside on concrete. Whilst I sleep quite heavily, I wake up at sounds, open an eye, keep a look out for a little while, and then close my eyes.

    As my mother says, I am 'sleeping my life away'. XD
    'Tigers never change their stripes, men simply change their hearts.'

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    Silvertiger, I'm a lot like you. I can sleep ANYwhere. I can also sleep with the lights on, although I prefer them off. And like most cats, I'm tired all the time, and could easily sleep 12 hours a day. I'm more of a night person anyway. So, yes, I think my theriotype affects my sleep habits.
    My therio side uses LOL speak. I should ban her from the internet.

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    I fall asleep whenever I'm tired (even at break and lunchtimes in school :P) and if I can't sleep I'll just stay up and draw or write or something until I'm too tired to think.

    If I'm ultra tired I'll just flop down any old way and fall asleep there and then, and if I'm tired but not just about to collapse and sleep I half-curl up on my side, or stretch out on my side (which kind of mirrors the way my dog sleeps) with one arm under my head and the other in front of me. Or I'll grab a couple of extra duvets and throw them around a bit, the dump them on the bed and curl up and make a nest in them. Sometimes I'll lie on my side but with half of me on my back (twisty?) so I face the part that would be the ceiling if I didn't have another bed blocking my view ><. I'll sleep absolutely anywhere ^^

    I.must.face.the.light. I have to be facing the hallway and have that light turned on, or i toss and turn and can't sleep. Plus, I must be facing the stairs. It also helps if my parents in the next room have the TV on or something - or the silence drills into my head. I hate being the last one to fall asleep at sleepovers.

    When I wake up I stretch out on my front with my bum in the air and I yawn at the same time like a wolf. Sometimes I even make the funny noise. I sleep for short amounts of time, and I'm usually nocturnal by nature. But sometimes I'll sleep a whole day and night and strangely be diurnal like most people.

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    A couple more things - I always have to secure the area before i can sleep, which usually means just closing the doors, and I sleep facing one of the entrance ways.

    I'm also more comfortable sleeping in groups.

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    If I'm tired and I can, I go to sleep, whether it be a nap or a night's rest.

    I've had to sleep with the light on, now I like darkness. I've had to take sleep aids, now I don't. I've slept lots of different positions, on floors, beds, couches, etc. I prefer sleeping outside if the weather's nice but only if I can see the stars. I've had insomnia and been practically nocturnal. I strongly dislike sleeping through the morning. I can be a night owl and a morning person. Due to the variety of my sleeping patterns over the years, I feel I can safely say my theriotype has nothing to do with my sleep patterns.
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    I like to sleep crowded. I know that sounds grammatically horrible.

    On people, in a pile, lots of pillows/plushies/stuff.. though my position is either curled up or stretched out as much as possible xD.. with my back to the wall. Can't much say if it's because I'm wolf, because I don't know how "normal" people sleep.

    I sleep the best during dawn/day, as I've found. My mother doesn't believe me because she's read that humans sleep the best around 10pm at night.. *EYEROLL*.. I usually sleep during night (because I live with my parents and having a different rythm than them would be inconvenient) but I love taking naps.. *pmurr*..

    I cannot sleep in my bed unless it's longtimesleep. Like.. more than 6 hours. If it's for napping, I prefer.. well.. anywhere but my bed xD

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    Quote Originally Posted by Josh Carter View Post
    Okay well in that case, maybe. I don't really know the sleeping habits of wolves, though I would count myself as a nocturnal, I stay up late, and sleep all day.
    Wolves aren't nocturnal, they're diurnal or crepuscular, actually.

    Personally, no idea on my species, but I'm nocturnal, through and through.
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