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Thread: Is your Sleeping Pattern/Condition..?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tsume View Post
    When I wake up I stretch out on my front with my bum in the air and I yawn at the same time like a wolf. Sometimes I even make the funny noise.
    I do that my mum says it funny to whatch.
    I also twitch when I dream my brother told me I do that.
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    As for me I sleep on my side, curled up, and with the lights off. I prefer the nighttime and I wish I could sleeo during the day- but I am not exactly nocturnal. I'd like to be- but with my families scedule I could not be. Oh and as for me I prefer to sleep sometimes with the blanket pulled over me.
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    My biological sleeping rythm, given no outside influence is to go to bed at 2 AM and get up at 10 AM. That has shifted now to 1 AM and 9 AM as I have gotten older. Not sure if that is influenced by my therioside or not, but I am a evening person, I love the dusk, the hunting hour, and have troubles working in the morning but will work until midnight with no problem.

    As for sleeping position, generally on my side with my arms tucked under my head. Not always, though. Also, have troubles sleeping in strange places, although as I get older and busy, I have been able to snooze in lots of places. Also prefer to have others around (cats, dogs, mate) other than be alone to sleep. Again, not sure if that is influenced by my inner wolf, but it is curious.

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    I don't believe it has a direct effect on it, but here's you a r*sheet, since you asked.

    Species: Arctic Wolf
    Sleeping habits:
    - time to time with oversized plush animals. If I wasn't broke, I'd coat my bed in it.

    - Schedule rotates, because I'm just too used to minimal amounts of sleep.

    - Full moons bother it. I can tell you when a full moon is just by how awake I am before my cup of coffee in the morning. There is no easy way for me to understand it; it is what it is.

    - I love sleeping intimately; ie: I sleep better with someone holding me close than I do by myself.

    - Being petted with make me zone out, and eventually just drift off.

    - I sleep on my stomach when by myself. I have a single bed, or I should say "single mattress". I sleep better on flat ground, or else minimally padded level ground, than I do in any bed.
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    Personally, I sleep on my side, left or right doesn't really matter but it has to be on my side. At a minimum I must wear socks while sleeping. Also, I put a bit of blanket in between my feet, I can't stand to have them touch while laying down. If I'm feeling sore I'll sleep stretched out but usually I prefer to curl up more than that. I'm not really inclined to attribute any of that to an animal, it's just my personal habit.

    One odd thing is that I sleep better closer to the ground, or at least the floor. Like, I sleep great on the floor, I sleep okay on a bed, and I sleep really poorly on a bunk. Don't know why, always been that way.

    Also, for people talking about being able to fall asleep at any time, anywhere? Ditto. I prefer not to, I really don't like napping, but I certainly can if I so choose. Noise, light, doesn't bother me at all. Actually, to really get good at that? Go to basic military training. I used to sleep while marching.
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    This issue often irks me because for me no, there's little relation—but it feels like there should be. My cat brain wants to sleep all the time, or at least be able to nap whenever and wherever there's something comfortable to lie on/in; my human brain is anxiety-prone and almost never sleeps easy, and my human body has back problems which make sleep a carefully-arranged deal with just the right pillows in just the right places to support my spine.

    That contradiction—my desires and instinct vs. the constraints of the body I'm in—makes me feel divided from myself, and it's no pleasant feeling. So I envy you anywhere-sleepers!

    The only overlap is: I sometimes sleep a lot (12-16 hours a day), which may be related more to strange sleep habits (which may be caused by depression) than my therianthropy; as I sleep I curl into a heat-containing neat little round; I do take pleasure in a nap in the sunlight, and sometimes get my best sleep then. But more often that all that, I cater to my instincts towards sleep and rest by lying around and reading—similar physical positioning, but with occupation for my anxious brain.

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    Any of the mindsets I might get don't really influence my sleeping habits. I sleep on either side, curled up a little bit or I sleep on my back/side so my dog and curl up between my legs. I sleep better when it's dark and I'll go to bed about an hour after it's dark, and then I'll wake up a little bit after the sun rises (which is completely messing up because the sun sank later and rose later in England than where I live so I'm all strange with my sleep now). I normally go back to sleep, though, because I need about 9 or 10 hours of sleep to function. I've always needed the amount of sleep and it hasn't changed, and I doubt it has anything to do with the "forms" I favor.

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    I sleep much better in the day than I do at night - night is when my creativity starts flowing, so I'm loathe to waste it sleeping. When I do sleep, I LOVE cushioning - pillows, bundled-up duvets, plush toys, anything soft and squishy that I can mould into a little nest and curl up in. In fact, I don't actually have a real bed - just a soft pile of padding on the floor that I change around into different positions depending on my mood. I usually sleep on my side, almost in a foetal position, or curled up on my front.

    Also, petting. If someone's petting me, I'll be asleep within moments.

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    My sleeping cycle tends to be somewhat wolf-like. I prefer to sleep sometimes during the day and stay active into the evening. I also tend to sleep longer in the morning. I feel tired during the day, but in the evening I become more active and would happily stay up until or past midnight if I could. Some nights I really struggle to get to sleep, I really feel like getting up and doing work on the computer, or going out to run/hunt (if I'm feeling m-shifty). Unfortunately people expect one to sleep at night and be active throughout the day though, otherwise I honestly don't care when I sleep, I'll just sleep when I'm tired and get up when I feel like doing something else.
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    Basically....I just sleep in my bed on my side and I really don't care how I sleep just as long as I get some rest because this wolf loves to sleep. Sometimes when it is cold out, I curl up in a ball with the blankets over the top of me. As to what time I go to bed at night is mostly around 10:00pm to 11:00pm or 11:30pm at night. As for taking naps. I only take naps sometimes at the end of the day or around 3:00pm or sometimes around 6:00pm or to 7:00pm. But its not all the time.
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