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Thread: We're Wolves

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    I liked the dragon one from way back when, so I'm at least curious about this one and will give it a try.

    I'm also curious about the therian show that was mentioned; even if it does make us out to be a little... crazy. :P I didn't even know we were popular enough to land ourselves a documentary, since we barely have one book in existence now as of a few months ago. (See Lupa's Field Guide to Otherkin: )

    Anyway, sounds like fun. ^^
    Tread softly; sometimes wolves paws can go where human feet can not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arawn View Post
    I'll have to watch it. Maybe they'll mention the Beast of Bray Road. >> I like anything cryptozoological.
    I know this thread is old and most likely not being posted on but I have too, Seeing how I have information on what is being said here. The cryptozoological creature known as the beast of bray road is in fact a Dogman. I have some links here to what dogmen are. the main site that I have already posted on werelist on the trading post section of werelist, But I will put it here.

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