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Thread: Wolf's Rain (Manga/Anime series)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kisota View Post
    I hadn't thought about the motorcycle...Good point, though... I always kind of hoped they were still wolves and would meet up again somehow. It makes for an even more bittersweet ending if they're just human! Interesting!

    Maybe they all look up at Kiba because they ARE wolves, though, and see him for what he is as well. Ah, the fun of speculation.

    What?? I've never heard that interpretation before. Seems completely unfounded, wishful thinking. You could just as easily say the kitten is Quent or Darcia.
    No, Not Darcia because it looks like he is reincarnated as that flower we see at the end of the show when the world is reborn again. Remember, We see Darcia eye dissolved into that white flower and it became dark.? It looks like Darcia will be made into a flower being like what cheza is. At least that is what I get from it and I maybe right.
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    Good news. Funimation released Wolf's rain on Blu-ray DVD. I got it and YOU!! should go get it too. It was released on February 2017.

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    Bet it looks good in Blue-Ray Hige!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amarok View Post
    Bet it looks good in Blue-Ray Hige!!
    It does. Now I got both box set DVDs and the Blu-ray of Wolf's rain. I just whish that there was is more Wolf's rain to go on and I don't mean DVD shows but clothing and comic books.

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