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Thread: Do you smell people?

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    Smell and memory are actually closely linked. I'm not sure if everyone knows why, though.

    "A smell can bring on a flood of memories, influence people's moods and even affect their work performance. Because the olfactory bulb is part of the brain's limbic system, an area so closely associated with memory and feeling it's sometimes called the "emotional brain," smell can call up memories and powerful responses almost instantaneously.

    [SIZE=1]William Thomas Cain/Getty Images
    [/SIZE][SIZE=2]We make most of our olfactory memories as children.[/SIZE]
    The olfactory bulb has intimate access to the amygdala, which processes emotion, and the hippocampus, which is responsible for associative learning. Despite the tight wiring, however, smells would not trigger memories if it weren't for conditioned responses. When you first smell a new scent, you link it to an event, a person, a thing or even a moment. Your brain forges a link between the smell and a memory -- associating the smell of chlorine with summers at the pool or lilies with a funeral. When you encounter the smell again, the link is already there, ready to elicit a memory or a mood. Chlorine might call up a specific pool-related memory or simply make you feel content. Lilies might agitate you without your knowing why. This is part of the reason why not everyone likes the same smells."

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    I smell people too. I love the way my boyfriend and son smell. My boyfriend's really understanding and lets me just lay on him and smell him. My son just laughs. He probably thinks it's a game... but then he sniffs me back. I always wonder if he'll grow up to be an animal too. He certainly loves animals enough, especially dogs.
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    I try not to smell people. Some, Well a lot of human beings can smell really bad and I rather not know what they smell like.

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    People I know well and have a pretty decent measure of comfort with? Totally, and it's generally a mutually happy thing.

    People I don't know at all... well, basically what Hige said. I'd really rather not smell them. One of my hugest pet peeves is being in public and being forced to smell strangers. Usually rather than being a body odor problem, it's a perfume problem. Middle aged women are the biggest offenders. It can really detract from a meal for me to have to smell some lady's perfume while I'm eating. A lot of our taste perception comes from simultaneous scent reception, and so the cloying, sickly smell of perfume can absolutely affect my enjoyment of my food.

    I was half a mile out on a national park trail a couple days ago and even out there in the open air, a lady who hiked past was easily smelled at a distance. Why? Why the heck do people wear so much cologne and perfume that strangers can smell them 20 meters away? So gross. I'd much rather be around the people I know who don't wear deodorant, even though that can be strong at times too. It's not a pleasant smell, but at least it isn't so assaulting as perfume.

    In general, I noticed more smells from casual friends and acquaintances when I was in school, and in closer quarters with more people. I still do notice smells from people, but I work with fewer people and frequently outside, so it's usually less distinct.

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    As for animal and therian smells. I have no problem smelling dogs or animals. A lot of animals smell nice and as for therians. Shugs, Well I never meet a therian in real life before but I don't think there smell or scent would smell bad. Right.? You guys tell me. Now when I am not out riding my bike or walking in hot summer heat. I don't smell but went I am running around outside in the heat and the sun. I do sweat a lot and I am sure I smell. But after I take a shower, I am fine and I don't smell bad.

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