Like the rest of you, I smell people, pets, places... And they create strong memories within me. I can notice by the smell some things the person ate, if they are ill too (if I know the "healthy" scent). I like strong body odors as long as they are "clean" body odors (such as sweaty after exercise, as opposed to someone who did not wash for days). I also enjoy smelling my partners' smell on me, or on my clothes, or my cat's smell on my pillow, for they create a feeling of belonging to the same social group.

Oddly, there are specific odours that I am unable to smell unless they are very strong - while the same odour at a low strengh is noted by most people. Unlike most people, animal smells do not "stink" to me, they just hold a specific message of an animal having been there. I can also make the difference between my cat's scent and other cats' scent. And I can smell that my cat is getting old because of the changes in his scent. Similarly, I could smell my cousins hitting puberty because their body odour changed.