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Thread: Weight loss/Becoming healthy support thread!

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    Elinox - Oh I know what you mean about making changes about being more of a lifestyle change rather than a typical fad diet. I actually started November of 2015 because I didn't want to wait for the New Year. I had lots of time off so I thought "OK, I can go ahead and start this now while I have the time to get things kick-started instead of waiting for the New Year when things will get busy again." I've certainly fallen off the wagon a few times over the years but it's mostly been due to getting sick with respiratory illnesses which in turn led to lack of exercise.

    That's actually a pretty good thing for me because it shows I'm not falling back into unhealthy emotional/stress eating and drinking habits, but it's more like "going into hibernation mode" for a while during the Winter months, Hahaha! Once I get my tail back into gear, after about a week of exercising I feel like I'm back on track and notice an increase in stamina. I notice it especially when I'm out and about in the world doing normal walking, casual uphill climbing, etc. I don't get tired or winded at all like I used to before I started getting healthy.

    I need to incorporate some upper arm strength, so I may look into doing some very light weightlifting or something. I like having a lean body but I definitely have a lot of muscle in my legs. I'm kinda...ummm... "Thick" in the thigh and butt department (LOL!!), which doesn't bother me anymore because I've finally realized that's something a lot of people (guys) find very sexy and attractive. xD

    So I'm fine with keeping a healthy butt and thighs (Hur Hur Hurrr!!!), but I want to trim some more around the middle and tone up my upper arms and stuff. :<
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