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Thread: Weight loss/Becoming healthy support thread!

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    I'm doing well with exercising in an attempt to gain some muscle mass. My weight is very finicky lately, I haven't stepped on a scale because I'm always afraid of seeing a lower number despite increasing my protein, starch and calorie intake. I do have some bad days where I don't reach my goals however, so I'm not going to blame any of this on something else yet. I have to try harder-- I'm a hard gainer and a quick loser. I'm going to start waking up much earlier if it means I can fit another possible meal in.
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    You might try liquid calories as well - it's really easy to fit in a lot of calories in liquid form. That's actually part of what people often miss when they're trying to LOSE weight! But you can use it to your advantage in gaining.

    Smoothies are especially awesome for this purpose, because you can get a LOT of protein and healthy stuff in there. I like to use Greek yogurt, protein powder, greens, and even eggs or liquid egg white in mine. Frozen berries are also great.

    Full-fat Greek yogurt and nut butters are amazing if you're trying to gain. Good fats and a hefty amount of protein, and they're very calorie-dense, so it's easy to boost your intake without having to really do much.

    Do you ever use protein powder? The "standard" for gaining is to try to hit 1g of protein per pound of your body weight each day. Even though I'm small, I have a hard time getting close to that without using some whey powder.

    If you're not really accurately tracking calories, that'll make a huge difference, too. People over- and under-report calories alllll the time (it's why people falsely think they're failing to lose weight at a caloric deficit, and vice-versa). Apps and stuff help, but if you're not serious about logging intake, the "ballpark" estimates can be really off. You might want to find a total daily energy expenditure (TDEE) calculator to help estimate what your actual intake should be. About 15% above maintenance is usually good for gaining muscle. Good luck!!

    I'm slowly but surely building muscle still. Can do my support holds for 30 full seconds. I'm starting to see a real difference in my upper legs, which is really wild. I am still basically maintaining, though. I need to up my intake a bit, too, if I want to keep this up!

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    I've been roughly the same height, weight, and overall shape since I was 15. It's kind of strange, but I suppose it's not the worst outcome.

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