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Thread: A therian's "cub/s" and parenting in general.

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    Mind you, this thread's last response before the complaining was made 5 years ago...Just looking for things to complain about?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lopori View Post
    Fucking hell we go to places like this to speak our minds without the fear of the cringe brigade rearing its ugly head. I don't want that talk here as well.
    AGREED. Any therian forum should be a safe place to talk about anything therian no matter how "cringy".

    Anyway, I myself have never had any parenting urge, be it child or pup. I don't see myself having either- but surprise- the family got two puppies in March. I want more of a companionship with them. I don't really parent them except for correcting wrong behavior.
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    I can not say for sure when paternal urges set in for me. As a nomadic beast, I find desiring a family a confusing sensation. Oftentimes I feel that I am much too embattled and burdened psychologically to want to put my demons on them, as if it were cruel, and it may well be. What dissuades these notions is the fact that if I do not breed, the biggest idiots will and in greater number. Moving from my feelings I still feel like the guardian of my birth house; not a provider, but a sentry. And even when I visit, I still find myself "tagging" trees. Aside from deterring deer and vagrant male cats, it gives me a sense of greater involvement in the land I have maintained long before my awakening. What was once home, is a home that will never be home again. That solemn fact makes it difficult to look to any future as a father, but I think therianthropy will only have an impact in the very early days of my child's life. After that, I hope to keep it under my hat unless it comes to my children as it did me. Outside of awakening themselves, therianthropy would only come into play if I believed my children grew to hate those who were different. I would feel deeply poor as a father if my children grew up believing such things, and while I will not directly aim to worm that from their minds, I may use therianthropy to convey the point. My only fear is how late would be too late: would my children come to hate me as a madman or see that oddity is not repugnant and how old is too old? Should I just raise them open in my home? Perhaps. It is complex stuff I am in no position to worry about.
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    I wouldn't mind them, but:
    -I need a partner who is dedicated. Regardless of their sex. I don't want to be alone. And they need to contribute to the child's care and wellbeing just as I am.
    -No gender roles beyond the most minimal (like actual pregnancy). For the love of god.
    -Actually, I don't want to get pregnant, can I lay eggs instead? Thanks.
    -While we're at it, we need to build a home together. Not necessarily a literal house, but we need to have a stable, secure, and healthy environment for these children to grow up in. No children until this is established. We will build it together.
    -What do you mean regurgitated fish isn't a healthy diet for a baby
    -No more than 3 please

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    Who cares? This place has been kinda dead for a while and I was voicing a thought? I mean I’d like to think everyone is mature when it comes to therianthorpy and not well.. yipping at their mother in laws or actually going about treating their kids as if they are raising them like animals or something. Therianthorpy shouldn’t influence parenting. I know I sound like Mr. Buzzkill but as a person I’m siding with common sense and mannerisms even though I’m a therian.
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