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Thread: What book are you currently reading?

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    Quote Originally Posted by elinox View Post
    Ooh, let me know how it is. I'm going to Yellowstone next September!
    HAHA, Oh that's way better then a book but I will let you know how it is. I only had time to skim though it. Enjoy Yellowstone.

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    Jez... I've soaked up the warrior series and there's another new part on its way (still haven't read the last VoS series..). I really don't have the room right now to house all these damn books about cats killing cats. But damn, i'll try.

    I'm in an interesting bind due to it though... i'm so used to and can relate to the animal perspective/ content that I feel as if I don't want to read anything away from that haha. I just bought the first book of Game of Thrones a month ago and looking at the long character list it seems like a chore (says vintage whom has dozens of characters in her own work).

    @Cheetah, i'll look up those authors as well. I'll post back if I find something interesting.

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