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Thread: The Daily Groan (A thread to ease your pain) - The 3rd!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cheetah View Post
    Pessimism sucks sometimes. The pessimistic are usually right, but sometimes it would be nice to be able to lie to myself and say that we'll avert the worst of the mass extinction we're in right now. But we aren't unless our society collapses first, and I know it.

    Makes me misanthropic as fuck too. Lot of that hate's self-directed--I know there's a problem but I'm too weak-willed to do my part. That's actually useful, but the general misanthropy sucks anyway.
    Looking at the numbers, it's probably impossible to prevent unless global society as exists now, is entirely overthrown overnight. Then, there might be a chance of mitigating the worst. In a planet with billions of people, there's nothing one individual can really do unless people as a whole decide to take action. No amount of pedagoguery is going to change it, which I think you probably know. You're being a little harsh on yourself by saying that it's am atter of being weak-willed. The only way things will change is if people learn through their own experience that they must.

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    Long story short there's now been a major break in the family, apparently precipitated by me openly transitioning. I will maybe go into details later, maybe not. I'm taking this reasonably chill because I've already had many years to come to terms with the family situation (about which I've largely kept silent hitherto). But let's just say a couple facades have crumbled; a couple things have fallen into place fully, too. The only real family I have now is my chosen family. Life can be weird sometimes.
    A negative number was raised to a power that is not an integer.

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    I came very close to winning $7 today.

    I did not win $7.

    Though I got a free Coke, so there's that.

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    Gone a whole day and about a thousand miles and am back in Missouri
    I didn't miss this place, but I needed to be back here.

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