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Thread: The Daily Groan (A thread to ease your pain) - The 3rd!

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    I think we all are and had a very bad year. Some of us, Including myself are still having one and doesn't seem to be going away any time soon. I got to figure out what and how I am going to get away from my fucking pain in the ass stepfather without anyone's help other then my own. I am going to try and stay over my real fathers house this Christmas and I am going to see if I can take back my old house from the people that are living there now. I am also going to try and get a job back in my town that way I can stay where I am and also my dogs too. To paint a picture as to what my life is and what I am doing now is to think or do this. Pretend that you are living in a retirement community with a few mile long walks to get to stores and no jobs at those stores, Now pretend that you are stuck in your house all day with nothing to do and nowhere to go and you have 2 dogs to take care of and to walk and who also hate living here. And that would be my life. Now think that your stepfather doesn't care and his only fucking compliant for living here is because he hurt his fucking back and that his Bitch lives here in the old-people community too. So that is what I am dealing with.
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    I spent all year prodding the shadows for something to kill my depression, and not seeing the love and support of my parents under the tree wraps my heart in a wreath of immense holiday bitterness. No amount of organic herbal vape is going to make this soul cancer leave quickly. I also spent all of last night trying to explain to my brother how being a therian is not the source of all my suffering. me...from the people who do not realize passive-aggressive disdain does not convey a message of love, it conveys the sense of abandonment blamed instead on what I am, since one can argue the soul is amorphous, so I am about as plausible as clean coal. For those who's families love them for who they are, hug (if they are OK with that) and thank them for at least not taking all the empathy they feel and turning it into this. You know amazing people.
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