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Thread: The Daily Thought - The 23rd!

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    Ok, Good news. I got another application and this one is for the Howard Johnson hotel that is right down the road from my house. Cross your paws this time that I hope I can get this job.

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    I finally swapped from taking Cetirizine pills to Loratadine because the cetrizine had a rather strong side effect of causing tiredness.
    (not mentioning specific brand names obviously because I do not want to be seen as advertising)

    Also my some of my cousins have been visiting my house for about a week, its been rather interesting to talk again, since normally they are in California.

    A few days ago I attempted to draw an anime character because my sister thought it would be funny, in my eyes it was horribly sloppy, but my grandfather believed it was relatively good for a first try. (Granted I am not entirely certain if I will be able to find the paper again because I did not care about it)

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    Quote Originally Posted by lupusfur View Post
    Hey Kerguelen, it's good to see you back!
    It's good to sort of be back. I don't have permanent internet yet so it's not all the time.

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    Ok guys, I will not be home this week because I will be going down the shore with my father and his friend for 3 or 4 days so I should be back on Friday. So everyone have a great week and I will see you all later. HUGS!!.

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    I have been contacted by an old buddy the other day. He'd actually gone and sought me out through Dorg. We had some nice chitchat and he turned out to have way cooler dreams than even I! He credited his long and extensive dream diary--something I myself had been sorely neglecting. I resumed it and the results were there within days. I intend to never again slip up. We have a nice blather every evening now, recounting dreams. A very pleasant pastime.
    A negative number was raised to a power that is not an integer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kerguelen View Post
    Holy crap you guys, I'm back for maybe an hour after being gone for what, two months? I've got a lot of catching up to do.
    Also it's saying I'm on page 84 of 86 in this thread but it won't go to page 85 or 86.
    Looks like time for a new thread!

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