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Thread: Who still uses old media/technology?

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    I consider myself old fashioned cause I still used irc when everyone left for skype. And still used irc and skype when everyone left for Telegram.
    I only got a smartphone a few years back, and it was a handmedown from my roommate.

    My therian roommate still has vinyl albums, VHS tapes and some audio cassettes.

    Forever Running, RunningRed

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    How many of you have heard of Laser Disks?

    My Unkle is a big fan of them and I think they are a brilliant piece of technology, because they actually are able to store Both Analog and Digital data Optically on a Disk.

    Granted they are massive, but still Analog Video and Audio capabilities!

    "Has to do with Pits and lands on disk varying in spacing" at least according to this forum:

    Wikipedia also talks about the Analog capabilities:

    Not sure if you have ever got to see a Laser Disk movie on an Analog CRT Tv, the Colors these old movies had were quite impressive and the CRT phosphors still have FAR better colors than LCD tvs.

    Although I have heard Plasma tends to do the best job currently, but LCD's tend to be washed out by their backlight, whereas CRT's can get good blacks because the electron beam simply does Not fire at the phosphors where black should be.

    (Oh and I a few years ago used to use an Archos 43, but I accidentally cracked its screen to much by stepping on it when the tablet phone sized unit was in a pair of jeans on the floor)

    Ever since I have stuck to using "dumb Phones" And it drives me a bit crazy that I destroyed a 270 $ product in such a stupid fashion.

    What a waste to spend 200 $ + on a smartphone when you can get by with a 5$ tracphone and moderate about 30 dollars every like 3 month service fees.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RunningRed View Post
    I consider myself old fashioned cause I still used irc when everyone left for skype. And still used irc and skype when everyone left for Telegram.
    I still use IRC (or would, if anyone else did). I don't use Skype, Telegram, or any of the "modern" centralised chat systems.
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    I still use old VHS tapes sometimes. I used them to record the shows that I watch. I don't think that the VHS tapes will not be going away any time soon but I do know that there will be no more new VHS players because company's in Japan have stopped making new VHS players. So I guess old ones will have to be repaired and reworked if we are to still use VHS tapes.

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    I have you all beat, I'm the proud owner of an 8' floppy disk. I found it at Goodwill, they had the computer that it goes to as well but I just wanted the disk to mount on my wall. I also got a betamax camcorder at an auction for $1 (no one else wanted it) although I have no clue what happened to it. I have a long history of old computers (none of which I have anymore) good ol' C:\ (That's MS-DOS for your hard drive). I have an original X-Box still (and 360) and I used to have an Atari 2600, NES, Genesis, and PS2. Of them all I think I miss my Gameboy Advanced the most. I had the flip-phone version and a bunch of games. I had a bunch of decent games for my PS2 as well, I really liked Bloody Roar 4 and Champions of Norrath. Although I got the Genesis game emulator (and games packs) from Steam so I can still play a lot of the old classics when the mood strikes me.

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    Question. Does anyone here still use old computers.? Like computers from the 1990s. I did right up to the early 2000s but when my mother got a new desktop we had to put the other computer in the attic.

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