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Thread: A song some of you can probably relate to

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    Default A song some of you can probably relate to

    It's a furry song, go figure:
    Psychological therian.

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    For anyone wanting a listen to a non-live version (though it is also pre-transition as well) here is a link -

    The man singing is Alexander James Adams formally known as Heather Alexander before transitioning. A lot of his music tends to be popular among pagans and people interested in fantasy.

    (Interesting tidbit he refers to his pre-transition self and his post-op self as separate people and has several times refereed to the "changing" as a case of changelings. That Heather was a fae changeling that replaced Alexander at a young age before Heather returned to the faerie lands and Alexander returned to the human world. A kind of poetic way of describing his early-life before transitioning and transition.)

    - Z (male, snowy owl)

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    I loved Heather Alexander's "Wolfen One" song so it seems that his work is still full of deeper, 'kin-related meanings which is good to see! I need to look him up again now, thanks for sharing!

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