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Thread: Therian Daily Thought - The 5th!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lupus Ferox View Post
    I think you need to introduce yourself first, so that the team can approve of your coming.
    I did. Everythings good now. Thank you

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    hey what up I'm also checking them out

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    Feeling a bit homesick..or dysphoric. I don't know.
    Timber wolf therian-- changeling-- horse hearted/therian
    ~Being kin is a journey of finding yourself, loosing yourself, searching and doing it all over again.~

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    Well looks like I wasn't think only one who is thinking of a podcast for therians because Cathrsys and Micheal where also talking about a podcast.

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    This is bad for my fellow Wolves. I just learned that Federal protection for Wolves have been removed. Stating that the grey wolf no longer needs the protection of the endangered species act. Here is the link for the article. You may or may not know. That there already is hunting of wolves here in the U.S. illegal hunting of wolves that is. If anyone lives in the state where Yellowstone park is could you try and protest this.?
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