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Thread: Therian Daily Thought - The 5th!

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    It's quite possible. I found that my experiences mellowed out due to acceptance of what I was but here you're in the opposite boat. Age can play a part too though- my shifts are much more mellow when not triggered specifically than they were when I was in my teens. I see myself on a sliding scale now between human and animal/creature. I tent to sit in the middle and slide slightly either way.
    I had a couple years of acceptance until the intensity started lessening recently and is now at this semi-fixed area. Which is part of my doubting. That and the community makes me doubt things because how do I not draw any comparisons between my experiences and others? And how many times I have been told everything I mention is normal human traits.

    Speaking of which, did you know that urges to snatch up lizards & other assorted animals by using one's mouth is a human trait as well as urges to roll on/scavenge from dead, rotten things or howl in reply to sirens or anything that sounds even vaguely like another coyote? Me neither. Because they aren't human traits but I have been told they are.

    Edit: Also, dissociation/depersonalized states aren't helpful in feeling things like this. I just realized that that is what I am dealing with for the past few days, on account of feeling like a whole ass shell instead of a whole ass person. Just in general. This realization means I need to ground myself somehow and I shall.
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    -casually seminecros thread to repost a daily thought- Don't mind me. This is what happens when you join too many forums with daily thoughts..


    I feel like my thoughts concerning animals are a lot different than some people...even therians here. I treat animals in a very 'hierarchy' way but at the same time and from that,I feel trust is established, then friendship can be established from that. I suppose it's just my particular animalistic and non-animalistic mind. It deeply bothers me - literally, on a kin level- when people jump right into "friendship" and then proceed to let certain behaviors exist. For example...horses show dominant behavior in many ways and that includes moving into your space ( pushing you..literally or at worst, biting and kicking). To see my friend get pushed around is stressful to me in a very kin way. Seeing that behavior is stressful. I have an urge to correct it.

    This is probably why I can get really bad M-shifts when it comes to boundary pushing. I bring up horses because it's easier to understand. Nobody wants a bossy horse around them--it can be very dangerous. At the same token I feel similar to other animals as well. Trying to figure this out and combine the animal-human combo that is me- I've actually done a pretty dang good job of re-training horses and some dogs (yes...even though I'm not a fan of them for other reasons). Yet alas...I'll bear the brunt of criticism, often by those who think animals run off of friendship.

    In my opinion, there has to be a method. I remember my trainer told me animals do not understand voice at first and when they are riled up, sometimes you have to reach out and touch them (no..not hit.). I feel people are so afraid of doing this. Even holding or restraining an animal seems so scary to some people. You do what you have to do. Animals speak body language. They can learn voice commands after, yes. Being kin, in my particular situation, I feel this deeply. Sometimes I do not 'hear' voice first. If you have to lay a dog on its side gently to calm him/her then do so--because it works for some. In the wild the treatment would be so much worse and aggressive. I guess I just don't get this whole 'sweet talk and do nothing' training methods. I feel that that is the 'human' way. Yet the 'animal' way is aggressive, so there needs to be a balance. For me, a personal struggle is keeping m-shifts at bay and to not lean too much one way. Working on it--like any shift.

    As Allen I was in a zhuard clan which was always interesting. Zhuards, being intelligent enough for spoken word and meanings had this balance dynamic. You can run a clan with your words but they had to be backed up with actions. Zhus were still animalistic and words were not always enough. So I feel like this (and along with my wolf side) solidifies my approach and opinions with this topic, and why I feel so strongly about it.

    Just my *solidified* thoughts- not trying to spark a debate here.It would be futile in this particular topic, my opinion here is deeply emotional and bound.
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