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Thread: It's hunting season!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Somnia View Post
    I really want to try rabbit. I've never had rabbit before but I hear it's awesomely delicious!
    We raised rabbits for quite some time on the farm, I thought it was fantastic meat. Kinda like very lean chicken without the oily fat of the bird. Wild might be a little different, but they were also by far the easiest to kill and process. I have tried rabbit from the store and it just isn;t the same....of course we also raised sheep and I feel the same way about store bought lamb/mutton (THIS isn;t what I am used to! Yuck....)

    For hunting, congratulations Savage, there is nothing quite like the feeling of a freezer full of good meat! Except maybe a large pile of firewood for the winter I grew up in a hunting family and figured that is what you did. I Loved the hunt aspect but I figured out I do not like killing. I had enough of that on the farm for other reasons (injured animals etc...) and I am not a fan of it, so I figured I would only hunt if necessary. However, venison and elk and moose meat is some of the best, leanest meat out there and is very, very healthy. Also, in many places hunting is very necessary for population control with the serious lack of predators.

    Final thought, most hunters I meet are very respectful of nature and the land....but not all are. The more GOOD hunters that are out there the better....

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    Has anyone watched the CNN documentary film Trophy.? I wanted too but I had to go out that night. If you had, What did you think of it.?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amelia Nightside View Post

    I think I'd be more comfortable with a bow, just dunno if I'd have the arm strength for it. I've had venison, wild boar and wild turkey. Don't recall but may have had bear in my time too.. I just know it's all delicious
    I have shoulder issues that don't let me draw a regular bow any more, so it's crossbow and rifle for me. Crossbows are accurate and highly effective. Most of my tags this year were filled with one of my crossbows, with only a couple filled by gun. It's quieter and I like it better to hunt with.

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