My gripe with administration or old-guard types is mostly when they get repetitious to the point they're no longer actually opening a dialogue with someone. I hate that. New users come in and are maybe a little misinformed or whatever. Rather than getting a meaningful discussion, they get some gatekeeper copy-pasting their own little soundbite version of definitions or whatever.

I try to watch my own tone, since I know I can go into scientific writing mode easily. That's a style that's supposed to be succinct, without flourish, and usually with little personal voice. So it reads as pretty dry. But I have had to do a lot of that kind of writing. So when conversations turn explanatory, I can end up pushing my metaphorical nerd glasses up and going full Anime Nerd Dude.

Sometimes willfully ignorant newbies who are misinformed and refuse to be corrected can provoke oldies to turn grumpy. I still don't think snark is really justified. Usually it just closes doors. But young people who cut their teeth in instagram, tumblr, or youtube communities sometimes can aggravate oldsters if they are aggressive about twisting words or conflating therianthropy with things that are not therianthropy.

And then some people of any age just like to complain, which also doesn't add much of value.

You have to be patient but at the same time not let people get carried away to the point where they change definitions of words to suit what they want to believe, lol.
This! Yes. I think people of any age within the community should be able to relax a bit and be patient and understanding of each other as well as open-minded and willing to learn. The negativity is unproductive regardless of where it comes from.