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    I saw this preview the last time I was at the theater:

    Basically, it looks like a drama film depicting early man and the beginnings of their bonding relationships with wild wolves. The movie looks pretty cool but I'm not sure I'll see it at the theater. May wait and watch it once it comes out on Bluray. What do you guys think about it?

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    Title makes me cringe so much. I have to cross my fingers that there's not too much stupid pop-culture wolf behavior in this film, but I suspect my hopes will be in vain.

    I also worry about how movies like this may encourage people to look into wolves and wolfdogs as pets ... which rarely works out well.

    So, that's a double whammy... this movie has the potential to set things back on TWO fronts that I tend to be faced with a lot. Sigh.

    That said, the story itself looks touching and the visuals were pretty cool. Plus, cute dog. Hard not to like.

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    Looks like it might be bad anthropology too. The Wikipedia description for the film says that it shows how the "first tentative bond between man and canine" was formed.

    Don't know about how they portray the people of the era; that might be accurate.
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    I dunno, I think you're looking into it a bit too much. It seems more like another wilderness survival movie set in early times. There is the wolf thing but there was also the guy's tribe which he got separated from. Now he does befriend a wolf but I think the whole survival aspect seemed to dominate the trailer.

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