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    I want to talk about shaving. Seeing how I cut the top of my head. I thought this would be the best time to talk about how we all shave and what we shave with. So, I want to know. What would be the best tool to shave with where you don't get yourself cut. Would it be with a straight razor, Disposible razor, or an electirc razor.? I would also like to know what the rest of you use when shaving.? I tried to upload a youtube video on this but I can't get the link right but look up this video. Which razor is the best? Cartridge vs electric vs straight vs safety vs Disposable razors.
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    I have a Panasonic adjustable beard trimmer when I want to trim my beard/moustache. I use a cheap store-brand disposable razor for edging or the rare, very rare times I ever shave the whole thing off. I only bother every couple of weeks when I feel like it and length varies depending on whether it's winter or summer.

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