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Thread: Nøkken + The Grim - Otherkin/Therian-Themed Band (Official)

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    Default Nøkken + The Grim - Otherkin/Therian-Themed Band (Official)

    Hey y'all, I just created this thread to keep stuff up-to-date on my Otherkin/Therian-themed music group, Nøkken + The Grim. I also have a thread on TW. If you haven't seen me around very much lately, I've almost only been participating in very minor ways on Facebook groups. The reason why is that I've been working hard on our release of our debut album "Treason to Our Nature".

    We just released the album for pre-order:

    The track "Wetware Outmoded" is available for streaming. If you pre-order, you can download it now. The album will be released in full on Sept. 29. At that time, the full album will be available to everyone, and those who pre-ordered will receive it for free.

    I incorporate my identity as a therianthrope as well as my experiences shifting into my performances. The group is based on the idea of three shapeshifting spirits of nature who have come out of the woodwork in modern times to make music to call back humanity to Mother Nature. This is set against the idea that human civilization is at war with nature and is consuming the land through technology and environmental degradation.

    Each of us plays a spirit from Scandinavian and Eastern European folklore. I am my user name's namesake of course, Nøkken, who, in Norwegian mythology was a water spirit that would assume the form of a horse or a violinist and lure human beings to drown in the river with entrancing music. My friend Karli plays Ajatar who is a Finnish dragonness and witch who is similar to the Tiamat myth, a primordial force of creation, but also a bringer of death, who could assume the form of a woman. My partner Stephen plays Peryton, The Black Stag, who is The White Stage of Hungarian myth. His backstory is that soot and pollution from modern industry has turned his once white hide black. And he adopts the name Peryton for the mythical feathered stags of Borges' literature that would consume the flesh of human beings.

    There is a lot of Norse and Magyar spirituality and themes of nature worship in our music. I wear a horse mask and my mane and tail are real horse hide, which was made by Lupa Greenwolf (author of "A Field Guide to Otherkin").

    I'll drop some links below to our social media:

    Nøkken + The Grim homepage:
    Facebook (most used):
    Instagram (most used):
    Twitter (rarely used):
    Soundcloud (for live recordings):
    Youtube (live and music videos):
    Bandcamp (for album releases):

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    Cool. Thank you. I always thought that the community could use its own music. As well a Band of our own. I will look up your music.

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    Great to see more content from you! Love it.

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