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Thread: Halloween 2018!

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    Default Halloween 2018!

    GAH! I'm so late with my Halloween thread this year. Sorry, dudes!
    Anyway, here it is! What's on all your schedules for the best holiday of the year?

    I didn't anticipate I'd have as much free time as I have lately, so I didn't plan a lot for costuming. It also occurred to me that I have never used the curly husky tail I sewed for anything. Since I live in a really outdoorsy state, where a lot of people have huskies, I am thinking I might use that and some other costume stuff around to make a husky costume.

    I made some really nicely fitting thermoplastic fangs this year. I can actually fully close my mouth. They fit nice like the Scarecrow brand custom-fit fangs, but since they're fully sculpted, they're basically completely custom. I also tinted them to match my teeth more accurately than the off-the-shelf fangs. SUPER cool... but it occurs to me that I need to get out to some Halloween events FAST to use them, because I'm probably getting some orthodontic stuff in my mouth later this month. :/ And the fangs won't be able to fit over that.

    There are a LOT of Halloween events around since I live near a big city. Loads of haunted houses, too. I would really like to volunteer at a local one. I need to email them again. Some of the most fun I've ever had has been working haunted houses.

    This upcoming weekend there's a Halloween bash at a local geek bar (fantasy themed bar, lots of boardgames). My partner and I may check it out.

    This week was also my first time cooking with fresh pumpkin! I made a curried pumpkin and butternut squash soup. It was spicy and awesome. I really want to try making some kind of pumpkin soup using small roasted pumpkins as bowls. I also have bought two large carving pumpkins. I didn't carve ANY last year, but this year it is HAPPENING.

    I want to watch some scary movies, too, but I have more mind-fuck movies in mind than typical horror. I watched Gone Girl this week. YIKES. (Weirdly, I watched another David Fincher movie the next night, just by chance - The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Also good, but not so much Halloween, haha.)

    So how about you guys? How are you all getting your spook on?

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    I'm not really into Halloween but I think I'll carve me a pumpkin and put it outside the door to my apartment. Maybe I'll catch something on TV. I'm not in a very big city so there's not a whole lot going on here.
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    Halloween-ish movies all month long (mostly movies with witches, werewolves, vampires and monsters but aren't really scary though)

    And I've been talked into hosting another Halloween party on trick-or-treat night with friends. Last year no one seemed interested, but this year, several people asked if we were hosting again and I agreed. So, spooky themed foods like hand meatloaf, spider cookies, cider and mummy dogs and then handing out candy, in costume of course, to all the trick-or-treaters we get (a few years ago that was over 200 kids!).

    Since trick-or-treat night never falls on actual Halloween (I know, so stupid!) I'll probably do a Wiccan Samhain ritual after our bi-weekly D&D game. Which I'm going in costume for!

    This Saturday is the start of the local Ren Faire's Halloween-themed weekends so I'll be dressing up again for that. And also the last weekend in October when I go back. Plus dressing up for work.

    So I have the potential for at least 5 different costumes if I want!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vigilant View Post
    I'm not really into Halloween but I think I'll carve me a pumpkin and put it outside the door to my apartment. Maybe I'll catch something on TV. I'm not in a very big city so there's not a whole lot going on here.
    Same here. My family never celebrated it until I was old enough. Did it once and then didn't care for it after. I'm more of a 'celebrate the fall season' type of person. I mean granted, if I'm invited to go to a haunted house or scary movie fest I totally will. I've already begun celebrating the season in different ways so far: baking, decorating, inktober (art), etc..
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    Seeing how I am living where I am living now, I don't see the need to celebrate Halloween. Maybe I will wear my tail and wolf head around the house that's it but as for doing anything. Na.

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    I actually ordered a beanie hat with wolf ears for this year but no idea if it will arrive in time. The mate and I usually split duties, one going out with the kiddos and one manning the candy door. We will see this year as daughter might go to friend's neighborhood so might send son out on his own. She has a completely different costume each year (this year Goldilocks, last year Star Butterfly ...) My son for the past 3 years and this one as well, a blow-up sumo suit. Seriously I should poke a hole in it or something .....
    Looking forward to watching the Nightmare before Christmas sometime right after halloween

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