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October 27th, 2009, 04:26 AM
This is going to be a Meh topic so please bear with me if you can. Now I am new to the sight as well as Therian in a whole. I was asked today How can I be A wolcat a breed that is by all manner not possible in the real world. At that time I did not have a way to Answer correctly. For that I am deeply Sorry and I ask forgiveness for it. So I did what some of you suggested to me I sat down and I got to thinking. So I asked my self how can I be what can not be oddly the answer was very simple. Many of you I am sure know that there are Other Realms and even otherkin. Well when someone asked me if my Therian could be spiritual at first I said no. That made no sense to me. then another asked could I be Otherkin. Once more my answer was no. That as well made no sense to me ether, but I got to really thinking on it and I think it hit me on the back of my head like a bag of rocks. Yes it hurt in other words, but is it at all possible that there can be a Another Realm where a wolcat's breed can be and if so would he not be a otherkin. this is the question I asked my self after the 5 to 6 page debate that was held on my Introduction. So I ask you my fellow therians and otherkins for this answer. Can there be another realm out there some where that my race my breed can be.

Also someone asked me a question today. They asked what did I mean by him another with in me. Once more I saddly did not have a good answer at the time and I spate out a half answer half bullshit. Forgive my potty mouth there please. So once again I got to thinking and you see with me this can always lead to something very very BAD. I have no clue why but when I think come up with answers for my own answer. Odd I know and I am once more sorry if that confuses anyone. Now my answer to this is no I do not think we are separate in any manner or form. I think that my other side is just dormant and asleep most of the time. Damn feline side being lazy AGAIN. So I once again ask is it at all possible for there to be a diff rant side that is part of you but is sleeping and unaware. With out you having the term MPD. I would like to be able to say yes, but I am saddly unsure. Please help me in answering this as well.

I will how ever give the bast Answers I can when a question is asked.

October 27th, 2009, 05:32 AM
I often confuse myself when I mull over this for too long ^^; But seriously, the better you word yourself, the more people can understand where you're coming from and try to help.

Amourosa Wolfsight
October 27th, 2009, 11:28 AM

I can't speculate as to what is or isn't possible in another universe, but as with all things (especially all things therianthropy-related), I would try to look for justification for that conclusion. You may ask yourself, Why is my -kin-type from another universe and not from a psychological, spiritual, or mental source? Take your time in nailing down what you think you are and why you think it. :)

You can be dissociative with having Multiple Personality Disorder (which is more commonly characterized by blackouts in which the alters take over). And some people talk about their therioside as a separate person but know it isn't, just to make conversation a little simpler.

Thank you for posting.

October 27th, 2009, 11:06 PM
As a person who has a hybridization of wolf and raccoon to form a single, entity as it were, I've often been asked how it can work.. Since it's quite obvious that wolves and raccoons cannot reproduce.

How I see it? I view therianthropy as more of a mental condition, but that does not mean I don't believe it could be spiritual. Inside, I feel as if there's a singular being, a spirit, or something within me that represents who and what I am. It was born with me, and evolves as I grow, mature, learn, and have experiences. This single entity is what I feel is my therianthropy. An entity that some how has combined energies of wolf and raccoon. Like a pair of souls got lost in the shuffle and fused with each other to create one.

No one can be certain if there are or aren't other realms, worlds, planes of existence, etc. I believe that there can be, but there's no proof either to prove or disprove it. I keep a healthy and open mind about it, but I'm not going to go around say that there are other worlds/realms/etc like it's a fact.

Perhaps your therianthropy is like mine. Perhaps it's not. The only one who can pinpoint it accurately, is yourself. We can certainly offer our experiences, good luck, and advice/tips though.

October 28th, 2009, 02:30 PM
Like Anoulf, I also view therianthropy as well as my own to be more of a mental condition but I also believe in the spirituality of things and what's around us as there being a spiritual world, paralled to the physical world.
But to be more practical and down to earth I'd say that these different entities are perhaps different aspects of your personality. Somthing like having spilt-personality disorder which I think is not a disorder as relateing to being a therian. Or split spiritual entities working within you.