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October 30th, 2009, 08:20 PM
Now, I'm *not* the one organizing this project, so I'll let the folks who are correct or modify any of my suggestions. But here's a basic reality check.

If you are not legally an adult, we can't use you and we probably can't use any material you submit. Sorry, but the liability risks are too high.

If you have a professional level skill to contribute, that's great. You don't have to be Danny Elfman or George Lucas or the owner of Pixar Studios, but you do need to be competent by real-world professional standards at whatever you are offering to contribute. The exception would be if you are offering to do something as a fundraiser rather than working on the documentary itself. Analae, I would seriously suggest you ask people to submit resumes or at least state their previous experience.

Folks who want to tell their story and appear on camera will have to consider how they're going to get that footage taken. Home cameras are probably not going to be of sufficient quality. If you have a realistic suggestion as to how you are going to get filmed from where you are, and how you're going to structure what you have to say in a way that is polished enough to be marketable, that's what we're looking for. Otherwise, just saying "I wanna be in the film" is not very useful. There is no budget to fly you over to a studio. You will probably need to hook up with a studio local to you and basically get your own segment produced, with no guarantee that it will be used if it doesn't fit or if it's not good enough quality.

This is a documentary. If you are offering to contribute "writing", please have relevant professional or at least semi-professional experience. The kind of writing needed to produce a usable documentary script is a fairly specialized field. Creative writing, poetry and fiction is definitely not going to be useful. Essays on therianthropy from your personal viewpoint are probably not going to be useful. If you're an experienced script writer, definitely do raise your hand.

The only kind of music that's going to be useful is basically film score themes and segments with specifically timed pacing. If you can produce "three minutes of original suspenseful music with animal sound effects" plus other thirty second to two minute clips of original themes with varying emotional impact to introduce this or that subject, say hello, they can probably use you.

If you're very good with digital animation, that would definitely be another useful skill. Access to professionally produced stock footage of animals would also be helpful.

Basically consider that there are very limited resources to do this thing, but we want to keep the standards high enough that it's still a professional level production. I think it can be done, and I think we can do it, given a wide enough time frame. But the end product is only going to be so big, and it needs to focus tightly on what we can actually use that looks professional enough to air as a real documentary. If you think you've got what it takes to contribute, go for it.

If you don't have a professional skill set, and most people won't, but you want to support the team's efforts, fundraising efforts will be starting up soon. That's where you can most usefully direct your time and energy to help if you don't happen to work in any of these fields.

October 30th, 2009, 09:14 PM
I have nothing to add. Thank you Savage.

October 30th, 2009, 10:01 PM
Short version:
*Professional editor and proofreader, can give constructive feedback and touch up manuscripts for readability.

*Does not have screenwriting experience in particular but knows what a screenplay looks like due to graduate school teaching me a bit about it.

*Will volunteer to help out in those capacities unless something goes horribly awry.

*Might submit a scene or two of work for the other writers to consider adapting or including if they so desire, but I would want to see the overall thrust of the screenplay first so that I could mimic (or complement) the style of what's already been written. If nothing else, I am interested in using this as an opportunity to learn more about screenwriting myself, if time permits. Even if my offering isn't accepted it will be a learning experience I'll be glad to have had as a writer.

*I also have a very good speaking voice and sound good on a recording, so there's a chance I could do voice-over work in some way.

Full version:
I do have professional experience in writing, editing, and proofreading. It is in another specialization (fiction, and to a lesser extent poetry and essay-writing), but I adapt quickly to forms and styles of writing I'm not familiar with. If nothing else, I would be happy to serve as a proofreader and (if it's welcomed) manuscript critic. I can give more detailed credentials if necessary, but the short version is that I have an MFA in writing (from a program which did offer a screenwriting specialization, and which required all of us to examine screenwriting at least cursorily) and have done a whole lot of editing and proofreading over the years. Most of the editing was volunteer; some was paid work (on a by-project/freelance basis).

I'm currently compiling the index to a professor's collection of scholarly works on 18th century literature, and so far I have caught more than ten errors that the final proofreader missed. I'm talking about big, confusing things like whole paragraphs of text being formatted wrong, along with subtler things like punctuation errors and left-out words that confuse the meaning of the sentence. I'm not trying to proofread the thing; it's just happening while trying to read it to make the index because proofreading is so ingrained into my brain when I'm reading a work with fresh eyes.

I would have no problem doing editing/proofreading work on a volunteer basis for the sake of the therian community. The only reason I would want to bow out would be if my life gets so hectic that I don't believe I could give it adequate attention.

Granted, proofreading isn't as crucial for a script as it is for print media. But if Savage (and anyone else involved in the writing of the script) would like an extra set of eyes to look over it, I'll gladly throw in. The readers/speakers and camera-people would probably benefit from having the most readable script(s) they can get.

Writing bits of script is another matter. If the other writers don't mind me submitting maybe a scene or two for them to consider using once the script has been outlined (or a large portion of it written), I would probably be able to make an attempt. I'm not going to pretend to be an old pro at screenwriting, though.

I also have a very good radio/speaking voice and could throw in for reading some of the audio segments as a headless voice, if I can get setup to record audio on my computer again.

Also (regarding artwork, poetry and the like):
While it's true that original poetry might not be all that useful to use in the program, voiced-over readings of well-known "classic" poems (or on-screen white-texted, line-by-line showings of them) that deal with therianthropic concepts would add a nice touch of "professional documentary" to the show. Numerous films have opened with a kind of visual or poetic epigraph that helps set the mood for some of what's to come, and for us to do that would put is immediately into the territory of familiarity with our audience. Being in that territory at the start of a very "weird" documentary is a good thing. *grins*

If Herman Hesse's Steppenwolf is in the Public Domain now (or if it isn't but we can confirm that quoting it on film isn't a violation of copyright), then using a quotation or two from it would be highly appropriate for discussing some aspects of the species dysphoria many therians go through. The quote about being torn between blood and chocolate ("and both of them detestable") is a pretty famous one, and there are countless other lesser-known ones in the same novel.

It could also be useful for any creative people who do get interviewed to show some of the best examples of their "therian-inspired" work. There's a chance it might not work out for the tone of the show, but it might end up being a gold mine.

Visual art works great for that (and has the advantage of often being useful even if the artist doesn't get interviewed). I'm sure there are some artists from Werelist who would be willing to contribute art to the various visual montages you'll probably want to make, as well. For instance, Agita recently posted an excellent "looking in the mirror" picture group which portrays that aspect of species dysphoria strikingly well. Using that type of community artwork (and others like it) as a scrolling backdrop for a narration about species dysphoria would be, to use the Internet vernacular, full of win and awesome.

Just some more food for thought tacked onto my credentials. If you'd like me to re-post that last batch if information in a different topic, just give the word.

October 30th, 2009, 11:02 PM
*Some screenwriting experience, I've taken 3 or so courses in my college recently, but have never done it on a professional level.

*Proofreading and editing experience. My college professor is currently in the process of writing a translation of the Dao De Ching and I'm one of his interns who is responsible for proofreading his translations, as well as checking for subtle nuances in the meanings of words that he might have missed (English is NOT his first language).

*Visual Art. I was formerly a college art major. If you guys decide to do that narration about species dysphoria I'd happily contribute.

Otherwise, count me in for fundraising. I'm willing to dedicate as much time to this project as you guys need.

If neither of these are useful, I'd be happy to work on fundraising.

October 31st, 2009, 07:03 AM
*Freelance ad-desinger- Having designed Restaurant signs for the Local Rivera centre, advertising signs for a Drivin school and an educational Powerpoint for the current Big Screen project going across the U.K.: Don't know how you could use this, but I suppose it shows I have an eye for getting the publics interest, at least of a visual level. It also means when it comes to formatting the show or making it thematic I could probably chip in.

*Training in Public Speaking- Through an Museum Internship and training with the HET (Holocaust Educatonal Trust): Though this is public speaking I must admit.

*Access to high grade cameras- I think, I'll have to check with the university but as far as I know they provide them to anyone whose willing to pay the rent price. I'd be a noob at using it but it means I could get some of the U.K. Thrians on high quality film (or make the camera a-splode...one way or the other).

*Dragon-kin with a dictaphone- Not really an official qualification but still XD I could offer one of the very brief otherkin perspctives, if needed, through my dictaphone.

That's about it really.
Oh and I'm legally an adult.

October 31st, 2009, 12:43 PM
Good good! This kind of "resume" is exactly what will be important in coordinating work to be done on the project. Thank you, everyone. I'll leave it to the actual production folks to reply to you individually.

October 31st, 2009, 03:09 PM
*I've done some work with research papers. Even if I'm not going to write script, at the very least I could dig up something we could use. My dad's a professor and could theoretically help me get some research papers relating to clinical lycanthropy, an aspect I think should be one of the focuses. If we can claim a relation to a proven medical condition, it could go a long way in our favor.

October 31st, 2009, 04:30 PM
Or at any rate, a remotely possible relation. There's enough similarity (though also differences) between the experiences that it's worth looking into. I would second the notion of it being a topic that gets brought up at some point in the show.

November 1st, 2009, 01:49 PM
I'm aiming to become a professional translator, though the only languages I currently speak are swedish and english I may very well have learned sufficient spanish within the two years I read this is supposed to take (actually I'm hoping to have a decent spanish vocabulary within 6 months).. though I can't currently offer any subtitling to spanish, if you'd want anything translated/subbed to swedish I'm more than willing to help.

Werewolf of Waldorf
November 1st, 2009, 09:28 PM
*Hobby photgrapher*
I could at least offer stock photography of the local therians in the DC Metropolitan area, as I have no fear of traveling, and less fear of the inevitable getting lost...It's part of the adventure! :D Would even help in my local geography.

*Social bug*
I am a comfortable public speaker, and would be able to provide footage. Assuming that I have access to the college's recording studio, I would be able to use the College of Southern Maryland's resources for this. If not, I have connections, either with the college president, or various students and teachers with resources.

November 1st, 2009, 10:13 PM
Thank you everyone. If I haven't messaged you yet, don't fret. I'm still trying to figure out what I need people to do.