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October 31st, 2009, 09:07 PM
We (Prophet, Asilin and myself) have come up with an idea. We are going to hold a contest. The winner will get the picture that they come up with on the cover of the Production book.
The contest is this: In an Image show "What is Therianthrophy" I know everyone will have different ideas and I am excited to see what everyone can come up with.
I know there are some great artists out there.


The contest starts now and will be over July of 2010. This gives a good amount of time to put some thought behind this.

Use your own ideas. DO NOT Steal someone else's work. Collaborations will be okay, and everyone that works on it will get credit for it.

IT can be drawn, done digitally, or even have a mix between type and art work.

Be creative and have fun with it.

Judges have not been picked out yet, but I am going to try and find people to judge it that have not submitted work. Judging will be fair and unbiased.

Use your heart as well as your creative juices. If it means something special and you feel something from it, others probably will too.