View Full Version : Don't like what somebody wrote on your wall?

March 16th, 2011, 08:53 PM
Just delete it. You have total control of what appears on your own profile, and if for any reason you don't like something that is posted there, you can make it go away. Anything you write on someone else's profile is subject to that person's decision to leave it up or delete it. You have the same editorial control on your own profile, so don't complain when someone else exercises theirs.

Unless what was written there was actually illegal (death threats, kiddie porn, etc), we probably don't care, and we probably don't want to hear about it, either. Just delete it and keep the drama to a minimum. If you see something on someone else's profile that breaks Werelist rules, and it's not being deleted, you can use the report post button.

If you delete someone's post from your profile and they repeatedly attempt to put it back up, use the report post button. If you have your post deleted from someone's profile, do not try to put it back up. Post it on the forum if you want and if it's within the rules. Someone else's profile is not the place for you to express yourself unless they agree to let you.

If a help staff member writes something on your profile, the intent is for you and anyone else in that discussion to **get the message**. I would strongly recommend acknowledging that you did get the message, and it wouldn't be a bad idea to leave it there for little while so that everyone else in the discussion can get the message, too. But you don't have to leave it there forever if you want to make the entire discussion go away from your profile.

This is not free license to post stuff that is against the rules on your own or anyone else's profile, but it is free license to delete anything on your own profile without having to involve a staff member.