View Full Version : Werelist policy on academic research and individual privacy

October 4th, 2011, 03:43 PM
Werelist's policy is to allow and encourage academic researchers, including students, to gather data on the site in accordance with ethical research standards. Participation in such a project must be voluntary, and authors must be asked permission before their work is included. This includes their names and other identifying information, their profile data and any communication they may post or email on this site. We ask that researchers clearly identify themselves as such when participating.

We do permit the gathering of statistics (demographics, percentages by age, gender, etc) with no personal data attached without asking the permission of individual participants who are not identified. We are willing to make our member data in this regard available to researchers, minus all identifying information about the individuals who make up those numbers.

We request that the finished work be made available to our community at least in the form of a cite, though it need not be posted online if this is not acceptable to the journal of publication.