View Full Version : I just joined! Why can't I see my posts yet?

May 10th, 2012, 02:18 PM
If you've just joined us, welcome to Werelist - we're glad to have you. We do our best to keep this a friendly, welcoming and high quality community with a lot of useful resources to offer, so we take a few measures to make sure we don't get spammed out by people selling term papers or advertising for overseas pharmacies.

You should be able to see most of our forums once you have successfully registered - that means replying to the confirmation email. That's the first crucial step. After that, go ahead and start posting! Your posts will go to the moderation queue where one of our helpful staff members will eventually check in and approve them if they aren't spam. Once we know you aren't a spammer, you'll be able to post directly.

Don't keep submitting your post if you don't see it show up immediately! Duplicate posts may be automatically deleted for flooding. If you actually want your post to be read by a live person, only click "submit" once on each new post. Live people type posts one at a time while spambots flood, so if you act like a spambot the system may treat you like one and auto-delete everything you typed before any live person even sees it.

Thanks for joining us, and welcome to Werelist! We hope you find some useful resources and links here to other parts of the therian community. Feel free to network and to promote your own therian site here as well, in your signature, in a front page article (ask a staff member for help) or on the Trading Post forum.