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October 24th, 2011, 11:42 PM
Read the following rules carefully, you are responsible for knowing and understanding them. By being a member of Werelist, you agree to abide by these rules and accept the consequences should you disregard them. These rules can change at any time, and it is your responsibility to keep yourself updated.

Age and E-mail Requirements

In order to use Werelist and the resources available on it, you must be 13 and provide a real birthdate upon signing up. Providing false information to get around this rule will result in the account being removed and you will be required to rejoin upon turning 13.

Werelist requires that you have a valid, working e-mail address in which an Administrator or Moderator can reach you should it be necessary. Should the Help Staff try to contact you via e-mail and is unable to reach you due to the validity of the e-mail address provided, the account may be removed. It is also optional whether you make it available to the public or not.

Multiple Accounts

The creation of multiple accounts here is not allowed unless permitted by Help Staff. Anyone with two accounts used by a single person may have their accounts restricted or removed completely, although this is on a case-by-case basis. Don't make two accounts and you'll be fine.


We require the use of business style English; chatspeak, slang, shorthand, creative typing, etc. are not permitted. This is because we get members from all around the world and this requires the use of a translation tool to better understand posts, as well as members who have reading disabilities who may find it more difficult to read posts with multiple grammatical errors. We understand that not everyone is well versed in business English, which is why we encourage the use of browser-based and word editor-based spellcheckers. We also provide a helpful section called the Writer's Workshop where people who are having trouble with business English to get help from resources and other members. It's also great for those who wish to simply brush up on their writing skills.

As we do expect Business English to be used, walls of text are not permitted. This is to, again, ensure that all people using Werelist do not have to struggle trying to read a large single paragraph wall of nothing but text. To avoid walls of text, separate your thoughts with separate paragraphs. Not everyone has the same strengths in reading and comprehension so this is to make posts on Werelist as easy to understand as we can make them.

Be a Mature, Rational Adult

You are expected to act like an adult during your time on Werelist regardless of your age. Everyone is to be treated with respect. You are required to be honest and must not submit false or deliberately misleading information such as, but not limited to, lying about your age or who you are [ex: pretending to be someone else in order to evade a ban], making up stories and posting them as fact, etc. We do not require personally identifying information, but IP Addresses are visible to Help Staff. Those who are transgender, gender-fluid, etc are free to put down their preferred gender regardless of physical appearances or bodily function.

Cussing is allowed, but it is not to be excessive nor directed at anyone else. It's okay to say “Fuck” but not okay to say “Fuck you.” Do not degrade, insult, or call others names. No “You're and idiot” or “You're a fucking jackass.” Werelist expects maturity, it is a place for adults to discuss, not for children to play.

Being mature also means being responsible. You, not Werelist, are responsible for yourself and your actions. You will be expected to assume responsibility for any actions that may have breached the rules, and thus accept the consequences of said actions.


Be aware that Werelist allows users under the age of 18 to access the site. Thus all topics containing adult material or discussions of a sexual nature that go beyond a PG-13 rating belong in the Mature section. Any topics of this nature found outside of the designated area will be moved and the user reminded of the rules.

It is the duty of the parents/guardians to control the access their children have to the internet, not Werelist's. If your child joins Werelist, the community is not liable. A child joining who is under the age of 13 will have their account removed once we can catch it, but that is the extent of our responsibility.

Under no circumstances is a minor allowed to solicit a meet up. As far as planned/proposed gatherings, it would be dependent upon the host's discretion as to whether or not minors will be allowed to attend, whether or not they do have the permission and/or accompaniment of parents/guardians. While Werelist doesn't take responsibility for gatherings and what happens off of the forum, we ask that any gatherings posted here do not cause the risk of any possible legal issues. Keep it smart. Don't allow minors to gatherings that may or may not end up in an adult or inappropriate setting, such as outside of a public area, a bar, or situations where minors have no place being involved in.

Tolerance and Leaving Bigotry at the Door

Werelist will have subject matter that you may find offensive, whether it's adult language/discussions, differing religious,spiritual, political, or philosophical views, or something as small and trivial as your preferred kind of pet. Truth is, Werelist is a melting pot of diversity. You will run into people from other backgrounds, nationalities, religions, affiliations, and so forth.

You are not required to agree with or support any other user, but you ARE required to tolerate these differences and be courteous of such. You may disagree provided you handle it without being disruptive and are courteous of the other user(s). In short, Don't be a bigot and treat people with tolerance, courtesy, and kindness.

Neutral Territory

Not everyone will get along in the community, it's a fact of life. But no matter how little you get along, Werelist is Neutral Territory. You are not allowed to badmouth other users or communities, no matter how much you dislike them. Personal fights are to be left at the door and not brought onto Werelist. Basically, don't say “[Name of other community] sucks!” or “[User] is a horrible person.”

Unwanted Messaging

Please do not send junk mail, spam, chain letters, religious mail, joke letters, solicitations, or any other nuisance contact, whether through e-mail, private message, or instant message to Help Staff or any other member. If you wish to share something with someone, please ask, otherwise we ask that you don't waste our time in dealing with these unwanted messages, both directly and indirectly.

Illegal Content and Actions

Do not post any illegal, objectionable, or inappropriate material on Werelist. This means the posting of, but not limited to, pornography [albeit not illegal, but not acceptable on Werelist], illegal download sites, warez, viruses, admitting to the use, buying, selling, or in possession of illegal drugs, and so forth. As previously mentioned, you are responsible for yourself and your actions and agree to take on responsibility for any consequences that may occur.

Site Moderation

You acknowledge that this site has moderators and that your posts/threads may be moved, split, edited, or closed for a reason a member of the Help Staff sees fit. We do not moderate because we wish to censor people. We moderate to ensure that Werelist remains a clutter-free, neutral territory, and safe haven for our users. Additionally, It is the responsibility of the user to edit their own posts. The moderators will not delete posts or threads just because users don't want the posts up anymore.

Reporting Problems

Since Werelist has an entirely volunteer staff, we cannot be all-knowing, all-seeing beings. We require the help of our users to alert us to problem users, posts, and topics that we may not have been able to catch or look over. Please use the “Report Post” button on the post question to alert the Help Staff, and who ever is available first will be able to address the issue with back up from other Staff members if necessary.


It is perfectly fine to revive older threads but we require you to add something useful to the topic. Do not reply if the only thing you have to say is "I agree with you." Add something useful and substantial to the topic. By replying to older threads it prevents the same topics from being created over and over, it keeps things looking nice and organized, and it also helps save space on the server. So before you create a new thread, use the Search Feature to see if a similar topic already exists before you post a new thread.


Please do not double/triple/quadruple/etc. post when you participate on Werelist. This causes unnecessary clutter on the forums and confusion for other members reading your posts. If you forgot to add something to your post, please use the EDIT feature and add it in. Do not post immediately after your post. If no one has posted after you, please wait at least a few hours to 1 day before making another post.

Additionally, Werelist has a "Multi-Quote" feature which allows users to quote multiple people throughout the thread so you can reply to more than one person in one post. The "Multi-Quote" icon is located to the right of the regular "Quote" icon. For detailed step-by-step guide on how to use this feature please read the Posting FAQ (http://www.werelist.net/forums/showthread.php?t=30176).


Werelist is a great resource for those looking for meetups with other therians in your area, or even across the country [or world if you're a big traveler]. We cannot fully police what you do at these gatherings, however, we ask that any gathering posting does not pose a legal liability for Werelist. This includes inviting minors to less-than-appropriate gatherings where the location or activities taking place would be inappropriate or illegal for a minor to be in attendance of. This also goes for posting obvious mention to any illegal activities. Keep it smart and there should not be any issues.