View Full Version : Why we don't allow adult stuff outside the Mature forum

February 22nd, 2009, 01:21 PM
For folks who are interested in discussing adult themes and activities (eg, sexuality and sexual orientation, gender issues, child rearing, etc), we do have a Mature forum. Here's the FAQ (http://forums.werelist.net/showthread.php?t=23934) on how to access it. It is actually for serious discussion and not porn, so it's really not worth sneaking in there if that's all you're looking for. If porn, dating hookups or fun naughtiness is what you want, then Google is your friend. Please go and enjoy those sites all you want, then come back for the serious discussion over here. Our policy is to keep explicitly adult themed discussion and images in the Mature forum only, and users must confirm that they are legal adults before adding themselves to that group so they can see and participate.

In an ideal world, free expression would be perfectly free. The real world we live in says that if we put adult material on Werelist where it's accessible to minors, bad shit will happen. Not because we think that poor Little Johnny's eyeballs will fall out, but because we know that Big Bitch Yolanda, Johnny's ultra-conservative mother, can sue the crap out of us. Worst case scenario, the site admins get slapped with legal penalties. Best case scenario, our ISP site dumps us to avoid the legal issues and we have to pay for a new host. That would suck a lot, so we take reasonable steps to cover our asses.

I don't think that any the staff here agrees that minors should be banned from learning about sexuality on the Internet. For starters, it's stupid to try. Uncle Google is always going to be a kid's new best friend when it comes to getting hold of material like that. And more importantly, trying to censor or limit access to information is just never a good idea. If you're old enough to want to look at it, you're old enough to do the research yourself and deal with the consequences. But our personal views simply aren't relevant to the reality of maintaining a website in the public domain that has a substantial population of minors.

We don't censor any more than we have to. We know of no recorded cases where cursing and "bad language" has led to legal problems for a privately owned site accessible to minors, so we don't censor that at all. You can say "fuck" all you want, though you still have to be courteous and not say "fuck you" to other users. "Bad language" doesn't put the site at risk, so we won't censor it.

If a really adult topic with explicit descriptions or a naughty image pops up, we'll ask the user to move it over to the adult area. If it's really egregious, or just off topic, we might move it there ourselves. We're not freaked out or mad at you. You would have to work incredibly hard to freak out the staff here, as a disproportionate number of us are from alternative sexual orientations and/or genderqueer, and/or in alternative relationship configurations, etc. We're just covering our asses because we have to.

So please, work with us here. Don't post adult stuff to the general forums to show how much you hate censorship and want to rebel against authority. We probably feel the same way, but we have a responsibility to the community and we cannot risk the existence of the site for what is basically a filing issue. If it's adult in nature, file it in the adult area. That is not a whole lot of trouble to go to, and it's crucial to protecting our site from the kinds of assholes who *do* like censorship.

Also, porn is off topic for Werelist. We don't hate porn any more than we hate, say, football scores, but this is a therianthropy site and there are just not going to be a lot of circumstances in which either porn or football scores are relevant to the discussion. If they really are, then post them, just do it in the right place and as an on-topic adjunct to your therianthropy discussion.