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October 7th, 2011, 06:30 PM
The following are tips to help you use some of the most commonly asked features of the forum. This section will be updated as needed.

Multi-Quote that Post!

In order to reduce the amount of double/triple/quadruple postings, Werelist has a Multi-Quote feature which allows users to quote multiple people in a thread. Some users are unaware of this feature and often double/triple post when it's not necessary to do so. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use this feature:

When you want to reply to multiple people in a thread, you will see the regular "Quote" icon located on the bottom right hand corner of the post. To the right of the "Quote" icon you'll see two icons that look like white pages with a question mark on it. Hover over the one that is directly to the right of the regular "Quote" icon and you will see "Multi-Quote This Message" pop up. Once you click it, the background of the white page will turn red. This will allow you to continue reading through the thread and the quoted posts will be saved until you are ready to reply.

Once you've quoted the amount of people you wish to reply to, go to the "Post Reply" and all of your quotes will be in one single post. Keep in mind this feature doesn't work in the "Quick Reply" thread box. For lengthy quoted posts, we ask our users to delete the chunks of texts and leave the specific parts of the quoted post you want to reply to. This helps keep the forums organized and also helps the other person know exactly what you are replying to.

** If you Quote a post that contains an image, please delete the image and reply to the text only! This helps saves space on the server. Thank you! **

How to Post Links

There are a couple of ways you can post links on Werelist:

1. Once you find a website you would like to share click on the entire website's URL address in the search bar of your internet browser. When you click the link it should highlight the entire web address. Right-click on your mouse and select "copy." Then you can simply paste the link in your post. For demonstration purposes, I will use the website "The Werelibrary". Here is what it will look like if you follow these instructions:


2. You can also go a few steps further to "clean up" the website address by using words instead of copying and pasting the web address like the one above. For example, I want to link to "The Werelibrary" but I only want it to display the words "The Werelibrary" instead of the full website address "http://werelibrary.org/site/". Here is what you do:

First, find the web address you wish to use. Copy the URL address and go on to the following steps: In your post, type out the words you want to use for your link (Example: The Werelibrary). Next, highlight the text you just typed. When you highlight all of the words, click on the "Earth" icon ( the round/blue icon and when you hover over it, it will say "Insert Link.") You will need to delete the default "http://" or else you will double that part of the web address and your link will not work. Next, paste the website's URL into the box. Once you click "Ok" the web address will be pasted to the words you typed and it should look like this:

The Werelibrary (http://www.werelibrary.org/)

There you have it! Two different ways to display links to websites.

Spoiler Tags: How to use them

No one likes to have movie or book plots spoiled if they have not read them yet. Please use common courtesy when posting character deaths, major plot twists, things like that. Creating spoiler tags is very easy to do:

When you are in the "Reply to Thread" box look for the "#" icon and click on it. You will need to replace the words "CODE" with "SPOILER." Now type in your spoilers between the brackets. If you need to Edit a post to add in a Spoiler code, you will need to make sure you click "Go Advanced" to see all the extra posting feature. Otherwise, you won't be able to click the # symbol to get the code, unless you manually type it into the quick edit post area.

You'll need to remember to keep the spoiler codes as close to your text as possible. If you leave a space it will not work properly. If you do this correctly it will look like this:

(Highlight the black block to read the text)

Hello! This is a Spoiler Tag! WHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posting Images

Please keep the following rules in mind when posting images on the forums:

- Do not post images larger than 640 X 480. You may post larger images in The Gallery (http://www.werelist.net/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=23) to show off your personal artwork but nowhere else please. If you need help resizing an image, please check out Web Resizer (http://webresizer.com/) . This free service allows you to re-size large photos into smaller ones. As you can see from the example on the website, you don't lose quality of the picture, it just makes it smaller and easier for the forum to handle. Just remember to upload your new re-sized image to an outside image hosting website such as Photobucket (http://beta.photobucket.com/) , ImageShack (http://imageshack.us/) , etc.

-Animated images are not allowed! If we see you post an animated image it will be deleted immediately and you will be notified. You may post a link to an animated image but do not post the image directly on Werelist.

- Do not go overboard with posting images on Werelist. This is NOT 4Chan!

- If you quote someone and it contains an image please delete the image as it takes up unnecessary space on the server.

- Remember to keep all images PG-13. No pornographic images are allowed.

- Please do not use the attachment feature to post images. When you use the attachment feature the images are stored directly to Werelist's server and it can cause problems. So please, don't use the attachment feature and instead use an outside Image hosting website to share your photos, or post a link to the photo you wish to share.