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April 17th, 2008, 06:16 AM
**Edit by Sonne: This thread has been previously added to in order to include information relevant to new, old, and returning members. Along with questions that new members can use in their introductions, there is general information on intros, as also a post on good etiquette for those who respond to intro threads. I recommend that ALL members check over this thread, as parts of it are not limited to the interest of just new members.

Introductions should.. well introduce oneself. Generally it would be good form to mention a little about oneself, especially in terms of theriotype/kintype, or lack of it (if you're merely curious), and personal beliefs even if these things are .

"Hi I'm here... yay posters" generally isn't a very useful. (note, anyone using the form letter introduction here is just a LITTLE strange, do your own ;P)"Hello, i'm (insert name here), i am/am not/am considering/am curious about/have a boyfriend/girlfriend/best friend who is therian etc, and i found out about werelist from _____ and i'm also on ______", works a lot better.At the least give basic information possible about yourself before suggesting people read the profiles, or linking to a page

April 17th, 2008, 10:26 AM
What name[s] do you go by:
- This includes a \"werename\" or real first name only if you so desire, or any nicknames you\'d like us to use in reference to you.

How old are you:
- We aren\'t asking for your birth date, but a general age is good to have information.

Your General Location:
- You can choose what to provide.. You can give us your city and state/province/country; or simply state/province/country. We do not want you giving out your home address, and encourage you to act on safety.

Do you have any Hobbies or Interests:
- Explain what you do to pass the time, or during your free-time, or when you\'re supposed to be doing homework, work, or something else.

Are you a Therian:
- Yes you are, or no you are not.

How did you find out about Therianthropy:
- Did you find it on Google, another site, or by word of mouth, etc?

If you are a therian, what is your theriotype and why:
- Name your theriotype, and why you think/believe/know that it is that animal.

If you are not a therian, what made you interested in Therianthropy:
- Basically, explain what interests you, or what you wish to learn about therianthropy

Do you experience Shifts, such as a mental shift, phantom shift, etc:
- Yes or no. If yes, then feel free to explain what you feel during these experiences.

Any other therianthropic experiences:
- Explain any experiences you feel are a part of your therianthropy, and why you feel that they are connected.

What would you like to gain from these forums:
- This will better help the moderators and administrators, as well as other members help the site in general. If there are any places that need to be worked on, or if you like something in particular here, feel free to tell us about it!

February 23rd, 2011, 04:15 PM
Written by Pyewacket:

I'm not proposing that these are rules, just friendly suggestions.


- There is no obligation to post an introduction if a person doesn't want to. There's no obligation to post either. Lurkers are fine! So don't pressure a new member to introduce themselves or to participate.

- You are encouraged to ask new members questions but remember that as with any conversation, it is important to be polite and non-confrontational. Members like to feel welcomed, so be welcoming! It's very likely that a new member will take a lot from the replies to their intro thread ~ if replies are grilling and aggressive, it's unlikely that a new member will want to participate further.

- New members might not be familiar with community terminology, so don't bombard them with complicated jargon.

- It's possible that new members are new to online discussion forums and the concept of therianthropy, and they may not be able to fully articulate what they are trying to say, so be patient.

- Not everybody comes to Werelist in search of life changing discoveries, so appreciate that new members might not want your 'help'. Give them space, joining a new forum means there's a lot to take in.

- It can be overwhelming for a new member when other members repeat questions which have already been asked, so if you're curious about something and the question has already been posed, there's no need to repeat it.

- Stop and think before you ask a new member questions. It's usually very easy to distinguish between a situation where a person is making outlandish claims, and a situation where a person is genuinely confused or having trouble expressing themselves.

- It's important that we apply healthy scepticism when meeting a new member. For example, somebody who claims to be able to do something like shift physically shouldn't expect to be taken seriously. However, if a new member seems genuine and is being open about their experiences we need to respect that. Posting such personal things on a new forum is intimidating. If a new member posts something that you have trouble believing then politely ask them to explain themselves. If their reply still doesn't satisfy you then assess the situation. Do you need to contact a mod? Should you just ignore it and accept that this person has a different opinion to you?

- If somebody makes a claim then standard Werelist rules apply - if you aren't prepared to explain something rationally then don't claim to be able to do it. New members should be aware of this as they will hopefully have read our rules before posting.