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February 14th, 2014, 10:30 AM
Happy Anti-Valentine's Day everyone!! This is for all who aren't very fond of lovey-dovey stuff and rather play pranks on people. I made a poem for today, but don't worry it's just a joke. I am in no way serious about this. It's supposed to be funny. If you don't find it funny, then... well, just don't get on my tail, okay?

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I have a knife,
And I want to stab you,

I'll cut out your eyes,
And rip up your face,
Then when I'm done,
I'll send you to a new place,

I'll tie you to a firecracker,
But I say "so long",
I'll put on earmuffs,
And make you listen to a Justin Bieber song,

Then I'll set you off,
But I have one more thing to say,
I really hate you,
And happy Anti-Valentine's Day :)

I hope you like my poem :D So what is everyone else doing for AV Day?

February 14th, 2014, 12:14 PM
I'm not going to celebrate Valentine's day because I don't have anyone in my life to give gifts too. So I'm not going to do anything.

February 14th, 2014, 02:35 PM
I like the poem! I hate Valentine's Day because I don't need a holiday to tell my fiancée I love her- that's an every day thing!

Hazel Moon
February 14th, 2014, 03:40 PM
While I'm not into the Anti-Valentine's Day thing, I will admit that Astral has a good point. I don't need a holiday just to tell my mate I love him. I tell him that every night before we go to sleep, and I like doing nice things for him "just because" instead of waiting for a special holiday to arrive. So Valentine's Day for me is just a day to do even more for my mate than I usually do.

I like the poem. And while I absolutely can't stand Justin Beiber, I'll admit to liking that one song of his As Long As You Love Me. I think that's the only good one he ever made.

So yeah, those are my thoughts for today.

February 14th, 2014, 04:59 PM
Yay Lupercalia (http://www.npr.org/2011/02/14/133693152/the-dark-origins-of-valentines-day) day!

Hazel Moon
February 14th, 2014, 05:29 PM
"The Dark Origins of Valentine's Day?" Nice. I personally wouldn't mind my mate whipping me with some kind of animal hide. But that's probably a discussion for the mature section and not here. ;)

Thanks for that link. I think you've made me like Valentine's Day more than ever now.