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April 8th, 2014, 03:12 AM
So your pack can P-shift, but you can't. What do you do?

I've seen a growing number of users on various forums state that they're in a pack, and the members of this pack are capable of actual physical shifting. They even have guides, tutorials and how-to's for physically shifting.

But you can't shift, and I'm sure this makes you feel horrible. Why can these other people shift but you can't? It's terribly unfair, and you've probably worked really hard and followed their instructions exactly, but you just can't shift.

And when you ask for help with it, they tell you to keep trying. You're just not ready yet. You can't force it. And if you ask for them to be more specific, they ... can't. They just keep telling you to keep trying and "if it's meant to happen, you'll get it" or "if you're at all capable of it, which not everyone is, you'll eventually get it."

Sound familiar? Because you're not alone. In fact we've seen this same thing happen hundreds if not thousands of times. Let me be blunt: Congratulations - You're gullible.

Your pack cannot p-shift. The guides and tutorials are bullshit. Every person that claims they can physically shapeshift is a poser. Let me repeat that. They are posers. They are posers of the highest order. They are not 'real werewolves'. They cannot change into animals. But they really want you to believe it because they love the attention.

Also your "alpha" is an asshole, but that's a whole other story.

Let me preface this whole thing by saying that I actually believe in p-shifting. Yes, I said it. I really want to believe. I want to believe it's real, and I want one of these so called "packs" to prove it to me. And if anyone does manage to prove to me that physical shifting is real and people are capable of changing themselves into animals, I will give them $10,000. I'll put my money where my mouth is. I will pay them $10,000 if they can show me, face to face in RL that they can change themselves into a nonhuman animal. And this is not the first time I've offered it.

To date, I've never had to pay anyone.

But here's the problem. Not a single person that has claimed the ability to p-shift has ever, EVER given proof. They've never given proof to the public. And shocker, they've never, ever given proof to their own pack members.

Confront your p-shifting pack members about giving you proof and you'll get one of the following excuses:

1. "You're not ready yet."
2. "If you have no faith, you will not believe anything I offer."
3. "You won't believe me anyway."
4. "I don't trust anyone to record it."
5. "If others find out, the government will hunt me down!"
6. "I don't have a camera/scanner/cellphone/security camera/webcam/etc to take the pictures/proof."
7. "I offered you proof!" Usually in the form of: A. A picture stolen from the internet. B. A picture stolen from the internet that they photoshop slightly. C. A picture of a very messy room. D. A picture of things like claw or bite marks that could come from mundane means.
8. "We will show you, in time." aka, the "Soon" response.
9. "If you're questioning us, you don't deserve to see it."
10. Threats to injure you, your family, toss you out of the pack, disrespect you go here. (Hint: if they do this, they're bullying you. And if they actually physically threaten to harm you or your family, you should call the cops on them. Imagine their faces then.)

In short, all of the above are EXCUSES, to get you off their back. And they're the most commonly used excuses that we hear all the time. Really makes you think the 'p' in 'p-shifting' is for 'posers'. And I will continue calling them posers until they put up or shut up. Because this is not a nice game to play with people - pretending to be what you're not. Or pretending to do what you can't.

These people will love to make themselves out to be dark and mysterious, like cult leaders waiting to lure you in. "We can't tell you because it's a secret from the shadows." Yet they don't seem to mind telling you that they're p-shifters, so why not offer proof? "You don't deserve to see it." Read: "Well uh, I'm a liar. And you're supposed to just believe me." All of these responses are conditioned to make you be quiet, continue believing them faithfully, and give them attention. They want to pretend to be your alpha, so they can hold something over you, and prey on your hopes and dreams. I am not trying to be melodramatic here, that's exactly what they're doing.

Believing in P-shifting is difficult because sometimes you so want to believe, that you'll buy any miracle you find. Your own mind could try to convince you that these people are for real, and they can actually shapeshift, and they will teach you their ways.

I want to believe in p-shifting, but I cannot believe in these people. They want attention, some want devotion, some are just trolling you. Treat them like you would any stranger with candy. These guys have a candy you really want. Don't jump in the candy-van, kids. They're selling you lies.

We have seen so many people get in our faces, demand that we shut the fuck up, and 'how dare we disrespect them and their beliefs'. And you know what? If you want to believe in pshifting, you go right ahead. If you want to believe someone you've never met can do extraordinary acts, then you're ASKING for disappointment. Disappointment is all anyone gets from these 'packs'. Well, unless you're an RPer and just want to RP with them. So how dare these people disrespect my beliefs by being fucking liars about it.

tldr version: "My pack can P-Shift, why can't I?" Conclusion: Your pack can't p-shift. They're lying to you. Demand proof or pull out. If they give you excuses, or threaten you in any way, then you can rest assured they're full of shit.

If they're going to claim something extraordinary, they need to have the balls to prove they can actually pull it off. IF not, they're just neutered puppies barking from the safety of the porch.

October 5th, 2015, 05:56 PM
This is just another reminder that this stuff is constantly going on in the community, and it may be going around in the here and now.

I just want to remind everyone that no matter how nice and professional their sites may look, no matter how smart they sound - they are con artists trying to take your attention and your money. Please don't fall for it. Remember, if they can't dazzle you will brilliance, they'll baffle you with bullshit.

If you ever have a question if someone is doing this to you, and you need someone to talk to, you can PM me, or email me: jakkal at gmail dot com and I'll look into it myself.

Thus far 100% of the time, they've all be fakes, conartists, and bullshitters.

Don't fall for it. You guys are smarter than that. Ask for proof. If they give you *anything* other than proof, they are lying. Period.

I challenge any "physical shifters", "real shapeshifting werewolves", or similar to prove themselves to me.

November 9th, 2016, 10:41 AM
I don't understand what's going on here exactly and feel unsure of what it is that is being said...this is.. a place for therians and for people to learn about shifting right? or maybe its not a place for that...someone recommended this site to me so this is my first time being here and..I don't know why they wanted me to come here...I'm a little lost easily...what did you mean when you said you challenge physical shifters, and said something about proving themselves to you? what do you mean? you mean how long it took to do it? or...how the practice was better and faster then anothers? Im really confused on that wording there Mr. Jakkal sir. Please let me know sometime soon.

November 9th, 2016, 10:48 AM
I just finished reading your first comment as I had accidently missed it and read the one on the bottom first and feel nothing short of shocked and sorry for you...looks like this place was wrongful recommended to me..but why would someone do something like that to me? forget I said that though..from what I have read you have been through a terrible means of communication and have been talking to many people who lied to you...thats really strange and sad...I did not ever meet anyone like that before and wonder how fate can be odd in that manner....you deserve to know more then the truth, you deserve people to talk to you about p-shifting and even proof. Not that I can come over to your house in real life but still...proof to give you...I mean besides what I know personally....I guess I cant say that after what you have been through and have been treated as...so sorry you were ever lied to like that...and anyone else...when someone recommended me this place I thought this was a place where people talked about all kinds of experiences and shifting too openly...now I see...maybe they made a mistake...this isn't a place that understands what it is and how it works or that it is even supposed to be normal and why it is. You can email me at kurokitsune11@outlook.com to talk to me in private and anything.

November 26th, 2016, 02:53 PM
Kurokitsune, it goes kind of like this. People who claim they can physically shift - contrary to all known laws of physics as well as biology - have never given us any proof. What they have done is play a whole lot of head games with younger, more vulnerable community members who feel desperately that they are in the wrong body and are willing to do anything for a cure for that. They have asked those vulnerable young people to send money or adult photos, agree to have sex, or offer attention and admiration to the ones who say they can do this. I have been around the community long enough to have seen all of these things and more. Claiming that kind of power is very abusable, and it has been abused a lot.

For the same reason that it is a problem when faith healers say they can cure cancer and take money or sex or worshipful attention from desperate people without actually performing such miracles, this isn't okay. If you are not an actual doctor and you have not proven in the real world that you can function as a doctor, you have no business saying you can heal people and asking them to believe you. In fact it's criminally irresponsible and illegal, because you raise people's hopes and make them neglect their real lives while chasing the thing you say you can offer. Even if you aren't asking for money or sex, you are asking for attention and admiration. You're taking a piece of people's hearts and lives.

If anyone can make those claims without any standards of proof? That pretty much creates a minefield of frauds and abusers. I've seen this shit go down in the Otherkin/therian community for more than twenty years now. It has produced nothing but frauds, sexual predators hitting on 13 year olds, and confused kids who want to be strong respected "alphas" in their "online pack" setting up to give "shifting advice" that they get out of fantasy books or off of some other confused kid's posts on Tumblr.

Look. Normally we *want* other therian sites to get traffic. We actually exist to be a hub more than anything else, directing everyone to the sites that they feel are most homelike for them. But what we cannot have here is people soliciting for sketchy shit that has huge potential for abuse.

I understand feeling so powerfully that you are in the wrong body that any means to make yourself right again is a Holy Grail. I really do. I grew up painfully, savagely, animalistically therian in an era where that word hadn't even been coined yet and there was no such thing as the Internet. It was a long hard road to walk alone, and I'm grateful for the chance to offer others like me a place where they can have some company.

But it's going to be safe company, and the road is going to be well lit. No bullshit. No power games. No 800 year old lycan vampire hybrids making mysterious unproven claims. No alpha pack leaders hitting on vulnerable kids. You can believe in any religion you want and be respected, but if it is not true in the real world to real world adult standards of proof, you can't claim it.

We are adults here and we treat other people like adults. That means we live in the real world. You can believe whatever you like, but if you make extraordinary claims, you must show proof of those claims.

Werelist is a no bullshit zone for adults who live in the real world. If that means you aren't comfortable here, we understand and respect that, and you are invited to seek your success elsewhere. You are not invited to recruit people to go learn p-shifting from your online pack, because no. Come back to the company of adults and the real world when you are ready for it. We'll still be here.