View Full Version : Super Mario Maker course sharing

September 11th, 2015, 10:26 PM
I've no idea if this thread is gonna be relevant to anyone here or not but the game Super Mario Maker came out just a short while ago and I've been busy with making courses in it. I figured that perhaps other people here have gotten it too or are planning to so this would be a great place to share ID codes for the course you made so that others may find and play it and share their thoughts here.

Here's three of mine for now:

Piranha Troopa Panic: 2E60-0000-0016-64E3

Winged Platform Problem: 87AD-0000-0018-C252

Cavernous Underwater Adventure 2632-0000-0025-2C54

Now let's find out how many people here are playing with power.