View Full Version : BB Code in Profile Fields

August 24th, 2016, 12:40 AM
So, yeah, all this time you might have had a poor deviantart link, or perhaps a link to another therian site, and 'lo, you couldn't actually make a clickable link out of it, because the software wouldn't let you.

No more. You can actually put BBCode in your profile now. So you can link to your gallery, you can link to other stuff.

But please don't go over the top and make it tacky. Don't do anything that would go against the rules. Don't do anything that will make us rethink giving you this ability.

So go forth and linky stuff! Note: It is not an automatic link. You will need to use BB Code to link it just like you would link something in a forum post.

For example: If I want my deviantart link to work it would look like this:


Also if you have any suggestions for other profile fields now that we can link, let me have it. I can add twitter, tumblr, FA, whatever you'd like. Just let me know.