View Full Version : June 2019 Downtime

June 18th, 2019, 10:21 PM
We should be back up and running to mostly full, if not full capacity now.

First, I would like to thank Alynna for hosting the Werelist for us. This is why it's running so much better now.

Our old host, which used to be a good hosting company was bought out some years ago and their services have gone downhill since then. In April, I was told that they would be updating their php server to php7. That shouldn't have been a big deal. And in the past they gave us the option to revert to older versions of php to keep sites running.

Not this time.

This time they forced everyone to use php 7.2. Our forum software does not run on php7.2. In fact php changed a lot of things that made it so older versions of software would not run on them, and there was no kind of backwards compatibility (Keep in mind that I am simplifying this as best I can for people that don't understand these things). Suffice to say that the old host broke the forums, complained that the forums were throwing errors, and gave us no options to revert down to php 7.1 (Which worked with the forums).

We were just left wondering what we could do about all this, and it just seemed like a huge downer.

And then the community stepped in. They offered us hosting, they offered us money. They offered us kind words and emotional support to get us through this. To which we are very, very grateful.

The admins, Help staff, and some volunteers have been discussing the future of the Werelist during these times, and we've decided that we need to move on from being *just* a forum. This is going to take time, so please be patient with us. But our plans for the future include being a hub of therian resources, information, and most importantly, links to other therians sites so people can find the place that is most comfortable and helpful for them.

I can't guarantee this will happen quickly, but we'll do our best to roll it out as soon as we can.