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Hi everyone, I tend to post up some emo shit on my blog so you might not like that sort of thing. I usually post what I can't get off of my mind and use this in a therapeutic sense. If you like that sort of thing, you're welcome to join me but I guess if you don't, then ya just don't.

So yeah, in short: I just use this blog for therapy if nothing else.

  1. Nothing new here, just a job update.

    by , August 19th, 2021 at 10:06 PM (Werewolf diaries)
    Just have been relaxing at my new job, I am taking up a different day because a co-worker of mine has something going on Tuesday so her shift will be open for me to take. Apparently, I am the best co-worker ever, lol. At least now none of us are going to get occurrences for it (which are basically points against you. 6 points and you're terminated) since we are switching spots. I hope everything goes well for her though, I am just glad I get some break time in-between days, lol. Then I can see ...
  2. Took me forever to find the post button on here, lol

    by , August 5th, 2021 at 04:45 AM (Werewolf diaries)
    I am such an idiot, I swear. Anyways, two years ago, I got a cat named Bud-Bud (Buddy) and he's part Siamese which means he should meow, right? He doesn't...at least he doesn't meow for Jay anyway. He cries out in the hallway or if I have the door closed and he wants to join me. I call him my little familiar because for instance, he could be in a deep sleep on Jay's bed but the moment I start heading for bed, he instantly wakes up and follows me into the bedroom. Nowadays, I just let him stay ...
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  3. Back for a while

    by , October 15th, 2020 at 12:05 AM (Werewolf diaries)
    Hello, my friends, sorry that I have been inactive for so long. This forum seemed to have died before I left but now I come back to an active form (or semi-active, yay?). Nothing much is new, I had two cats over the course of one year, one of them died (Ross) while the other one is still alive (named Buddy/Bud-Bud). I got pictures in case anyone wants to see them. I really wish that the vet could've saved Ross's life but he probably had kidney failure but as a kitten? Can it happen for kittens? ...
  4. Meh

    by , October 3rd, 2016 at 05:33 PM (Werewolf diaries)
    Just in one of my odd moods again, I wish people would comment more to me, at least on Facebook where it's easy to do so. I had a male friend of mine who was all interested in me and then he vanished for some odd reason. People are weird, I also saw a post of someone wanting to be a platypus on there and got derided for it. I wish people wouldn't deride others for wanting to become something that is not their species, I mean I have the same issues as a werewolf therian but I know I would be fired ...
  5. My thoughts

    by , November 29th, 2015 at 09:40 PM (Werewolf diaries)
    I am mainly thinking about how depression runs my life nowadays, having no emotion except for when I react to someone else. My therian thought is to go out hunting for prey, thankfully my anti-psychotics control that side of me, what with me being a psychopath and all, heh. Sometimes I wonder on if I have lycanthropy, even though I don't have delusions of changing into a wolf or anything, I feel bad for those who do. I just wish I was freed from this depression and this bottled up rage, being ...

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