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  1. Lupus Ferox's Avatar
    You aren't barging in on anyone's time, I'm sure. Just say whatever comes to mind.
    I'm here if you need me.
    Have a nice day too!
  2. Alliana's Avatar
    Thanks, Lupus. : ) It's alright, I enjoy any sort of post on my blog (as long as it's not inflammatory) so I hope you don't feel awkward nowadays to do so. I'll be sure to contact you when I do need an audience though, but I always feel like I am barging in on their personal time on the board. =/ It's cool about Facebook, but yeah, I'll keep in touch! I hope you have a good day too.
  3. Lupus Ferox's Avatar
    I'm glad to hear you're positive about my reply.
    I've been asking myself the whole day if my choice to share a few words wasn't a bad one. It's nothing personal though, it just feels kind of awkward to do so now that a whole year has passed.
    I'm always late that is what I mean.

    Thanks, if you need an audience, or wish to say something in other words, then please don't hesitate and contact me.
    I know what it's like not to receive any feedback when you need it most.
    Private messaging usually works better at that.
    But Facebook, nah ... I just don't like.

    Have a good day today, Alliana.
  4. Alliana's Avatar
    Ohhh, it's okay. I am actually feeling much better nowadays, I usually talk with my fiance over this but I can never seem to find the words to tell him why I feel the way I do. It's rather tough, having species dysphoria and having nothing that can be done about it. I actually feel jealous toward transgender people because all they have to do is take a hormone pill and later transition to their gender they feel like they are, I cannot change my species so I am pretty much frustrated. =/ I try to be nice and I am glad I don't come off as a bitch! I mean that in all sincerity and I truly appreciate your comment, I really do. : ) I was thinking that no one bothered to read this anymore, but I am glad that someone does at least, and has some valuable input.

    But yeah, that's exactly what it feels like! It just feels like I am shouting into an echo chamber with nobody around to hear me, very frustrating!

    I do appreciate your comment, I really do! I hope your holidays get better though and I am feeling better now that I have an audience.
  5. Lupus Ferox's Avatar
    I'm sorry to hear you keep all rage bottled up on the inside. I wouldn't advise doing so, but since I'm more or less rocking the same boat here, I can't give you another option at the moment, other than trying to reach out for someone you can trust. In case of an emergency or perhaps when you need to talk.
    Opening up to someone takes quite a lot of courage, and it's good we have the possibility of a blog feature on Werelist.
    Ranting is good from time to time, even when nobody hears you doing it.
    I remember venting out on the streets when I walk around late at night, raising my voice and screaming at some pedestrians who happen to walk by. They don't need to fear me though, I wouldn't do harm to anyone. Sometimes, life is complicated, gets in the way...
    I can't possibly imagine then what it's like for you.

    I know this is an old rant, so I hope you're doing better at the moment.
    You don't come off as a bitch in my opinion. You're quite nice to both others and myself.

    I hope it was okay to leave my comment here. After all, we're contacts sort of, at least on here, and thought it was appropriate to say a few words.
    About the need to receive comments from people... I get that feeling all the time.
    You say something you think is important and then no one responds. It makes me mad sometimes because I may be missing out on information like this. There's no real discussion taking place/no chance of getting to know people better. As if people don't like talking to you.
    I'm someone who's bored quite easily and always needs something to focus on. Holidays are the worst, they remind me of the two years I spent in utter boredom, because of my OCD and general anxiety. I could do nothing more back then than sit in a couch and stare.

    But hey, this is your story, not mine. I hope you feel at least a bit better nowadays.
  6. Adaharris's Avatar
    People are weird, I also saw a post of someone wanting to be a platypus on there and got derided for it. I wish people wouldn't deride others for wanting to become something that is not their species, I mean I have the same issues as a werewolf therian but I know I would be fired and overlooked for job opportunities.
    There's one of the many reasons why I dislike facebook. Well, ridicule is an inevitability across all social media outlets of coarse, but when it does happen to a person I take notice of- I can't help but get a little pissy myself. Though I'm not quite sure if this applies anymore. I don't use facebook much anymore. None of my friends don't bother messaging me- Nah, I always gotta be the one looking for their attention.

    And I personally find the whole idea of employers checking out potential employee's social media accounts to be TRIGGERING. [Or just not right. What does one's hobby or beliefs have to do with job performance?]
  7. Alliana's Avatar
    Ugh, yeah you're probably right and I think it's a direct port of the Nintendo 3Ds or maybe the Android version is the one that they used when releasing it for Steam. Don't ya hate it when teachers do that (the whole showing of material that wasn't covered in class)? I don't know why teachers do that and expect people to pass, it's like they are setting us up to fail and it's completely and utterly inane of them to do that. Heh, they failed at Kain's VA, it's just very weird for him but whatever, I guess they think it's best for him so who am I to judge? But yeah, I totally feel ya on the whole class aspect with teachers that fail at teaching material that was relevant to their lecture when it comes to doing the assignments.

    God, I hate that.
  8. TopBrass's Avatar
    I always considered myself a good student of mathematics, but when I got into calculus I just fell flat on my face. I remember that there was an entire page of the exam that I was absolutely clueless on. The feeling of absolute terror as I gazed down at the page and didn't have the faintest idea how to do any of it.. I don't think I'm ever going to forget that. It's a good chuckle nowadays. The problem I had with that course is that the material we covered in class wasn't representative of what was on the exam. The in-class material reflected basic applications of a given formula or theorem, but the quizzes and exam tended to have exclusively those situations that required an extremely abstract application of the theory that usually hinged on a technicality. I still passed in the end, but it wasn't a pleasant experience.

    I don't know if the steam release of Final Fantasy IV(my favorite in the series) is the same as the enhanced 3D remake that came out on the Nintendo DS years ago, but if that's the one then I think they were trying to imitate Batman with Kain's voice actor.
  9. Alliana's Avatar
    That does indeed make me feel better to know that I am not alone. I will try your advice and avoid those situations but sometimes people are just way too easy to goad, you know? But yeah, that was me at Awereness forums, just plain old Ariana, hah. I just would get into a big whole stinking fight about people acting like kids can see ones theriotype when kids actually live in a fantasy world and shouldn't be counted on for that. God, I hated that argument, got into a big fight with Jakkal there and luckily, she didn't ban me for it (which I find surprising but it's probably due to me amusing her). I just will try to avoid such things in the future. Plus, it's much more fun to watch the mods deal with the troublemakers than to be a troublemaker myself. I always considered you to be the logical sort, I am glad you came back after some time of being gone!
  10. TopBrass's Avatar
    Hmm. Come to think of it, I do remember another Ariana, but nothing other than the name.

    I have a pretty fiery temperment. It's easy for me to get into arguments and look like an ass, even when I go into situations knowing my limitations. The only surefire solution I've had is to just avoid situations where it comes up in the first place, both online and off; but it's not really a solution at all and creates more personal problems than it solves. You are certainly not alone.
  11. Alliana's Avatar
    Heh, nah, Ariana the Odd wasn't me. I was just Ariana on The Awereness Forums. Cybil is a movie dealing with a woman's story who was in real life had MPD whom her therapist tried to reconstruct her identity into one being (reintegrate anyway). I can't remember how it ended but Cybil's mom was a nasty one! It makes you feel uncomfortable all the trauma she put her child through. But yeah, you're right, I shouldn't focus on labels so much but I find labels to be rather...comforting, I guess. It adds structure to an otherwise chaotic world (I do love structure!) but yeah, it can be problematic at times, I agree.

    Hehehe yeah, I hope no one hates me. I guess I am just trying to find a place to belong like everyone else here and sometimes I tend to rub people the wrong way, which I guess is okay but I truly do hate conflict. Every time I start up something here thru rebutting someone's post, I am always afraid of coming back because of how arrogant I come across on. I really need to rein that in but I have no idea how, especially with my bad ADD. I am glad I am not alone in the social anxiety field, I have to take medicine for that or else it gets overwhelming and I just shut down thru a panic attack.

    But yeah, it is pretty nice, this blog. I hope to use more of it in the future!
  12. TopBrass's Avatar
    The new blog functionality is pretty nice. That said, I think it's ok to not have all the answers. There does seem to be kind of an unspoken expectation that after a certain amount of time you have everything figured out, but sod that. People often become preoccupied with labels, but sometimes it's more helpful to not worry about them and just be yourself, and if you do find a certain label that fits what you are and what you experience, then all the better.

    I also have problems being open. Bad experiences, and such. It's a weight that I try to overcome, but it still colors my interactions whether I like it or not. I have problems with social anxiety, which kind of compounds the problems. It is what it is I suppose. I don't think anyone hates you though, seriously!

    As a side note, I have no idea who/what Cybil is, but I share your confusion on multiplicity.

    Also, holy crap. You were Ariana the Odd? That really takes me back to the old days. I seem to remember that you wrote all your posts in a colored font; maybe it was pink. I wasn't a member then, but I was a lurker.