Coyote Jones

  1. Thoughts on Coyote

    I was reluctant to identify as a coyote-like creature for a very long time. Coyotes, after all, are scrawny, a poor imitation of wolves, yipping instead of haunting howling, bone in place of muscle, a habit of attacking livestock, and the weight of thousands of years of oral stories placing them as the ambiguous trickster at best, and an evil coward at worst. Not an animal that many people would be proud to identify with.

    But it's not really like that for me. For one, I choose to disregard ...
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  2. Rant: On Wolfaboos and Wildlife "Advocates"

    Fifty Facebook groups later, you'd think a decent number of people would have donated to the $1500 Coywolf Association goal, but no. Not a penny.

    And the pitches are worded right. Silver-tongued and tailored to each individual group's aim. I could post the variants of the pitch here, on my blog. Every post is approved by the administrators.

    My frenemy Ty is a coyote whether he knows it or not. He just is. In his words, "Facebook is where you get fifty likes on ...
  3. Repost: Coyote is not a dog

    Journal entry, Oct. 23rd, 2014.

    Coyote is an enigma. Liesk has that right in an ancient essay on The Marsh.

    Let me get this out of the way: I don't believe in going after anyone for what they wrote ages ago. In the words of the likely-mythical Don Juan from Journey To Ixtlan: "Your problem is that you have too much personal history." It's not right to pounce on writers for words they wrote a decade ago, but I do want to address just one line as a ...