Coyote Jones

  1. Wolf

    Something that reminds me of wolf, that feels wolfy to me, is the wandering. Setting out into the unknown and blazing your own trail whether you want to or not. The wide-awake feeling of focusing all senses and all memories on the perilous navigation of an unfamiliar terrain. Seeking a familiar voice. Carrying the loneliness with stoicism. Living a storied life whose story will never be told. Whose life is carried out in search of another one to teach, kin to teach. The need to keep moving ...
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  2. Wolf Dream

    We were running along what looked like the Bruce Trail. Five of us. We were travelling for miles and miles and miles with no destination in sight. We were people sometimes and wolves sometimes. There were no transformations that I remember: we were suddenly either one or the other. Wolves who shifted human. It was daylight, and an endless valley of trees was to our left and a thick forest to our right. We ran along a path and then stepped carefully along a "bridge" of a fallen log ...