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    I remember on the first therian board I joined, a wolf person, old enough to know better, said something about how he'd always thought of coyotes as sort of "wannabe wolves." At the time there was part of me that felt similar, though I was at the beginnings of my little back-and-forth crisis about it.

    Someone thankfully spoke up to say how silly it was to think of wild animals in terms like that. But still, his words affected me and I realized how ingrained that thinking was me. I didn't really want to be a coyote-like animal either. On most human metrics, wolves just seem BETTER - they're bigger, stronger, more social, and to many people, more aesthetically pleasing.

    Nowadays I think back to that and cringe. How common it is for people to, in one way or another, think of wolves as this superior, amazing, pinnacle of wildness and intelligence and beauty that others cannot hope to match. GAG. Obviously that is a silly way to think of wild animals in general, since they're all just adapted to their own niches. Besides, who's to say that wolves aren't wannabe coyotes, envious of the coyotes' adaptability and skills at feeding themselves without a group's help? I'm being a bit facetious, but still. Sigh.

    I like to think of the myths and stories surrounding animals as sort of being colorful pearls built around a little sand grain of truth about the real animal. Maybe some of the pearls were built around something that isn't sand at all, but there's oftentimes SOMETHING in a tale that links it, however distantly, to the "real deal."

    My experience as a coyote person is a lot more sand than pearls. But over time, now that I think about it, our individual grains of "sand" can certainly grow their own pearls. A coyote person can take an experience as a coyote and that lived experience can grow into something occasionally more reminiscent of Coyote.

    And we can dissect the stories to find truths either about coyotes or ourselves... sometimes both.

    I need to write my own experience of the more capital-C aspects of being a coyote person. I still haven't gotten around to it. :/ But there's a lot here I can relate to!

    I'm having trouble articulating the rest of my thoughts, and I'm not quite well yet, so I'll leave it at that for now.
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    Oh, how i have to resist the urge to set out into the wilderness. I must remind the wolf within that it's in a frail human body that would go hungry, but most likely freeze to death first. But it's not impossible to learn the survival skills needed, even to get through a harsh winter. Goals.
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    I like these a lot.

    The last one reminds me of something I read about dating sites - that men most fear their match-ups will laugh at them...

    and women most fear their match-ups will rape or kill them. That's not to say that men aren't treated unfairly too, and sometimes hurt TERRIBLY by women, but it does have a true ring to it, in my experience. Men seem to get angry and worried about the ridicule of women, and women are literally trying to figure out how to live their lives safely so they are not bodily wounded by men. (Obviously a massive oversimplification here, but yeah...)
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    This is a very beautiful post! Thank you for contributing, it made me feel like I was in the wild once more.
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    This gave me quite an emotional response while reading. Thanks for sharing Coyote Jones. As always, I enjoy reading what you have to say.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Charliepaw
    I love reading what you have to say. This was almost inspiring to read. Thanks for sharing Coyote Jones.
    Awww, thank you, Charliepaw!
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    "my visceral response to violin and sawblade"
    Very interesting. I'm a (admittedly pretty amateurish) composer of classical music and always fascinated by the sound of string instruments. Many young composers are very fond of using huge brass sections because of their powerful and lyrical expressions (and for some time I was, as well, to a certain extent), but to me the sounds of especially violins in the higher register have a much more expressive quality full of a certain kind of longing ... hard to put into words, actually. Besides, a contrapuntal texture with three or four totally independent voices is wonderful, too, be it in string instruments or choir singing.
    I've only recently stumbled upon the musical saw and instantly fell in love with the timbre and the way the individual notes bend into each other. Much like with strings, the higher notes are moving in a certain way.
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    I love reading what you have to say. This was almost inspiring to read. Thanks for sharing Coyote Jones.
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    This exactly. It's hard to know what to even add, that you've not said already. I feel utterly disgusted at each and every instance of people pretending to care about an animal or animal-related issue as a method of feeling good about themselves.

    That's not the same at feeling good feelings because you *actually* did something effective to help. No shame in that.

    But you're right that for far too many people, feeling good for cheap is all they seek. Disgusting.

    I've seen it with some of my snow leopard related endeavors, same as you with coyotes. I tell them about my time in Siberia. I tell them about the fundraising efforts I've started. Nothing but vapid attempts at outrage. Then they come to me later, feeling very pleased with themselves for having researched "snow tigers" (not kidding) and telling me how they directed their friend to read about the "tiger" issue too. Mission accomplished! They did a thing. Dust your hands of it and go home pleased, dude. You earned it.

    Beyond wildlife and conservation, the most in-my-face instance of people feeling great about how much their doing for animals (without actually having to do much of anything) is tell me I'm a terrible, horrible, filthy bunny murderer, in an attempt to "shame" me into no longer killing them. Then they can feel very content that they did something for animals and go off home to have a nice chicken dinner (also actually happened).

    Anywayyyyyy, I might be bitter about things like that. But yes. Actually try, for reasons other than for yourself, or sit down and shut up. Agreed.

    And yes, it DOES take a heartwarming, disneyesque story to get real attention. We'll wait a long time before that happens for coyotes, I think.

    Don't even get me started on how frustrated I was about every damn aspect of the Cecil drama. *snarls*
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    Wow! That sounds like an awesome dream! How ya been?
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    Ah, you're a synaesthete, too. Very interesting. It definitely adds an interesting (and often amusing) perspective to perception...
    The stuff you write about those questions makes sense, as well. I sometimes try to organize my different 'coyote experiences' into certain categories but that doesn't even come close to the 'whole picture'. I could talk for hours about many different aspects of it but I think I would ultimately fail to convey what being coyote and Coyote 'really means' to me.
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