Coyote Jones

  1. Sunlight

    Crossposted from DW:

    I've been staying away from Dreamwidth while I have nothing nice to say about my current landlord, who let me live here an extra week, or my current roommates. They're manipulative and beyond juvenile. The types of people who shouldn't be allowed to breed. More about that later, maybe; I've ranted enough on Werelist.

    I found a new place! A place with big windows and sunlight!

    It's not downtown, but it's less isolated and the bus route downtown ...
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  2. Wolf Dream

    We were running along what looked like the Bruce Trail. Five of us. We were travelling for miles and miles and miles with no destination in sight. We were people sometimes and wolves sometimes. There were no transformations that I remember: we were suddenly either one or the other. Wolves who shifted human. It was daylight, and an endless valley of trees was to our left and a thick forest to our right. We ran along a path and then stepped carefully along a "bridge" of a fallen log ...
  3. Repost: Coyote is not a dog

    Journal entry, Oct. 23rd, 2014.

    Coyote is an enigma. Liesk has that right in an ancient essay on The Marsh.

    Let me get this out of the way: I don't believe in going after anyone for what they wrote ages ago. In the words of the likely-mythical Don Juan from Journey To Ixtlan: "Your problem is that you have too much personal history." It's not right to pounce on writers for words they wrote a decade ago, but I do want to address just one line as a ...
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