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  1. AziMWolf's Avatar
    Have you considered you might be a Starseed? I have a few friends that identify as those. One is an Anthro Fox too.
  2. AziMWolf's Avatar
    I understand this feeling. In 1998 when I first awoke and started to realize what I MIGHT be, a werewolf. That led to much inner darkness. Feeling that my soul was a vicious killing animal who's sole purpose was to kill, mame, and destroy.
  3. Lupus Ferox's Avatar
    No problem, if you want to you may let me know what you think.
    I've always been into this kind of music, so there's much more I can recommend.

    The more recent Nightwish albums are indeed less appealing to me as well, but their latest offer, introducing Floor Jansen as a singer, was kind of nice.
    Good luck on your finds.
  4. DarkFox's Avatar
    The Enter album is one of my favorites too, but it is very strong so listen to it only with some type of moods. Here I think I can't find any physical copy of any album from them, so I used streaming services to listen them (and almost all my music).

    I don't have an appeal for Nightwish but I think it was because of the new music. My partner told me about Tarja and old days of Nightwish, so I think I didn't listen the right albums. I will give a try on that first ones now. Thanks for the recommendation.
  5. Lupus Ferox's Avatar
    You people have great taste.

    Actually, I'm still looking for a copy of their first release entitled 'Enter'.
    Have you never tried listening to Nightwish, DarkFox? Their first five studio albums all feature Tarja, I think, and are all favorites of mine.
  6. DarkFox's Avatar
    Thanks, you too!
  7. Charliepaw's Avatar
    Very deep and relatable to me. Just keep that light in mind and I'm sure you'll continue to find strength to keep distant from the shadows.
  8. Gentle_Giant23's Avatar
    Wow, I actually relate a lot to this. When I was younger of course I had a different theriotype than I do now but I've like always felt like I was an animal.
  9. Wolf Daughter's Avatar
    I've enjoyed the music of Within Temptation for many years. It's actually gotten me through a few emotionally tough times.