1. You're breaking my heart, kid

    I went to the zoo today, Keke was mean to IRL baby Lopori and she hurt her finger bad.

    It has just dawned on me that in all my years visiting the zoo I have never seen baby Lopori cuddled or groomed by an adult, they just allow her to be present at most. She gazes up at them instead. I hope she does get love and I’ve just missed it but honestly there is no evidence as of yet that thats the case. She needs love damnit. She needs a mum. Why can’t I fulfill that role? Why do I have ...

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  2. Close, but no cigar

    Picture a human, with it’s upright torso and S shaped back and long legs, flat face and sticky out nose. Picture a fox, an altogether different creature, a long slim muzzle, pointy ears, quadrupedal stance, digitigrade legs.

    If a human happened to be a fox therian, the body they desired would be so extremelly different from their human body, they can’t train themselves to do tasks like a fox could, move like a fox could, atleast with much realism. Foxness is unattainable ...

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  3. 50 kin questions! (stolen from Vintage and also tumblr)

    1. What was your first kintype? Mermaid was the first I knew about, I'd been a mermaid in early childhood from about 4 or 5. And before then I called myself a fish.

    2. What was it like discovering you were otherkin? What on earth are you doing you complete nerd

    3. Do/does your kintype(s) impact your personality/actions in any way? If so, how? Of course or else why would I be here? The bonobo theriotype has quite a big influence on my outlooks and attitudes ...